Thinking about resolutions…

I spent most of the day removing ornaments from the Christmas tree.  Then I worked on packing away our Christmas tree and the ornaments.  Hmm, what?

A fake tree, you ask? Yes, we have a fake tree, I am allergic to live trees, something that I inherited from my father.  When I was in college I was staying with a friend and was quite excited to help her with live Christmas tree.  It was neat to see it in her house and have the experience of seeing how the other half lived.  My exposure to the tree was somewhat limited. I say that because I was going to classes in the morning and working until eight o’clock every night and the room I was staying in was downstairs.  Still, it only took three days before I started feeling crummy another day and I was congested and coughing.  It didn’t take long after that for me to slide right into a nasty case of bronchitis.  So, yeah, a fake tree, thanks for asking.

So, anyway, while I was de-ornamenting the tree I was thinking about my options for New Year’s resolutions.  There’s the ever popular exercise and lose weight resolution, or the quit drinking/smoking/farting/fill in the blank  or my favorite, the getting organized promise.  

After some thought and procrastination, I am going to forego the resolutions and make some flexible goals for the coming twelve months.  I am working on a list and I will share ideas that pop up as I go along here.

I think the first thing that should go on the list is ‘Getting to bed earlier’.  Sleeping for only six hours a night is not optimal for operating coherently.

New Year’s Day is about to slide into it’s place in history.  I will take a moment to wish us all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year in 2012.


One thought on “Thinking about resolutions…

  1. I feel I should note that I started the above blog entry at about 11:45 last night. I really wanted to get it done and posted before midnight. In the midst of my writing I began to get really sleepy and was just thankful to finish my initial thoughts. I read it now and know I would have edited a bit more.
    No worries though, it’s not like anyone is reading this anyway. 🙂

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