Almost time to dive back in…

Today was the last day of our family holiday vacation.  Sully had taken the week off between Christmas and New Year’s and had today off too.  Boo and I won’t start school until later in the month.   I honestly need to check my calendar to see if we are starting next week or the week after.  Sully has to go into the office tomorrow which is a bummer because we will miss him, it’s been fun all of us hanging out.  The silver lining is that the garage will be empty and I can put Christmas decorations away easier.  Boo’s dance classes started up tonight, I wasn’t too thrilled this afternoon but her classes went by quickly and I was able to work on my next writing project.

It’s still January 2nd, at least for twelve more minutes and these are my thoughts about my goals for this next year…

More water, less Dr Pepper, more writing, less worrying, and yeah, more exercising. I tried belly dancing a few years ago and loved it.

I think I need more of that.   I’ve been wanting a belly button ring for the longest time, I think this is the year.  Blue topaz butterfly, perfect!  🙂

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