Clearing the clutter…

I have been working on packing up the Christmas decorations that have been adorning my house since the first weekend after Thanksgiving.  As much as I love the decorations, I always feel a sense of calm and certainty wash over the inside of the house as I slowly get the rooms back to normal.  It’s never quite normal though, each year we find something to change and eventually make better for the house.

I usually start my Spring cleaning as soon as the Christmas decorations are put away.  In Arizona that makes sense because Spring usually only lasts about three weeks before we start the fast sprint to the 100 plus degree days of summer.

I am finding that I need to cut some of the clutter personally, as well.  I have all of these unhappy thoughts and voices running through my head.  No, I don’t hear voices, it’s just my own critic giving me the what for.  Those voices and comments have to go, I don’t need the negativity.  So now I am replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones.

When I hear that evil whisper that I will never get my book rewritten, I just remind myself that I never thought I could finish a full length book and I have two proof copies and two other projects finished to say otherwise.

When I hear the voices say I weigh too much, I remind myself that I lost weight last year and I can do it again.

Positive, positive, positive!


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