No disappointments…

Ok, so the other day I mentioned that I didn’t make resolutions this year but I do have goals and a bit of a sketchy plan to semi-greatness.  Part of this plan was to start exercising, yeah, yeah, I know it’s part of every year’s plan.  It’s also been every season’s plan, every birthday’s plan for the last ten years, whatever.  I am working up to it, okay?

My plan last night was to get up this morning when the dog starts barking at 7:15 just like every morning since 1999 when we got our dearest Labrador, Foley.  I was going to feed the dogs and then break out my DVD’s that I recorded of the show Shimmy.  Twenty four minutes of stretching and bellydancing would be a great start of the day.

Sure, it would but not this day.  We had drama overnight, Sully and I sleep on one of those nifty airbeds.  I love that bed, it’s the most comfortable bed I have ever had.  Or it was until it sprung a leak, so the night was spent trying to get comfortable, along with disputes over sheet and pillow ownership.  I finally ended up on the couch at about 3:00 am.  By 6:00 I was up because of a cramp in the calf of my leg.  Luckily I caught it just as it started to hurt instead of the screaming awful pain of a full blown calf cramp.

I am flexible though, I didn’t get the exercise done this morning.  There are still plenty of hours in the day, I will just make time for it later today.  I will not be disappointed.  Do you hear me?  I WILL NOT… alright, I got it.  🙂

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