The little things…

So, today, I didn’t get to my bellydance workout nor did I get any Christmas decorations packed up.  It’s okay, I am sleep deprived, like normal, but worse because of the leaky air bed drama.  

Instead of being annoyed, I am going to be grateful.  Today, I am grateful for a great day with Sully and Boo, for silly sitcoms that made us laugh during lunch.  I am grateful that Boo has a great dance teacher, that the kittens are healthy and growing up.  I am even more grateful for friends that read stuff and say “OMG, that’s us!”, for Sully, who does the dishes everyday (seriously, I haven’t done dishes in a month) and for Boo for plowing through the Harry Potter books with excitement.


One thought on “The little things…

  1. You’re on to something! We should all be grateful at the end of the day instead of critical of the ‘if only’! I like your idea to have an attitude of gratitude!

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