Keeping up appearances…

I’ve been reading another blog… No, it’s not what you think.  Jenny Crusie and her friend, Krissie aka Anne Stuart are blogging their personal journey for change during the next year, ReInventing Fabulous.  Jenny posted about how appearances matter, she bothered to take care of her new cottage, repainting, landscaping and overall prettying up the joint.  The cottage took on a new life after it’s little makeover.  Jenny wondered why she didn’t apply the same idea to her.  She ran through a few reasons here and there finally coming back to, ‘yeah, why not?’

I have to say that I am rowing that same boat.  I’m a stay at home mom and although I always get dressed everyday I wear stay at home types of clothes.  So, in the spirit of being fabulous I am making an effort towards my daily appearance.

This morning I put on a nicer shirt, I put a barrette in my hair, instead of just brushing it, I even put in some earrings.  I should probably make it clear that I have no intentions of looking posh or shi shi.  Comfortable is still my foremost concern, but there’s no reason I can’t look nice while I am comfortable.

I can rock the yoga pants with a colorful top, slink in sweat pants with a funky tank top or glide around in a nice sundress.

I’ve been looking at these cute bellydancing outfits from Miss Bellydance.  Sully wouldn’t mind seeing me around the house in that outfit.


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