Here we go…

It’s a terrible thing being separated from one of your best friends.

I supposed I should clarify that a bit.  I am lucky in that, Sully is not only a great hubby but he is also my best friend.  He works from home three out of five workdays and we spend pretty much all day together which is awesome and I love it.  So, no separation there.

No, I am talking about a friend I met in college, years and years before Sully and I found each other working at the bookstore in Monstropolis.  My friend lives a state away.  Faith and I can be apart for years and when we get together we can’t stop talking.  I can tell her just about anything and I am pretty sure she knows she can tell me anything too.  She’s the friend that makes me laugh when I want to cry and gets angry on my behalf when something doesn’t go right.  I do the same with her and we definitely have each other’s backs.  We have a running joke that came from one of those email jokes that is always cycling through.  Not only will I help bury the body, I have my own shovel.  We are both dabbling writers and that just made us laugh.

We have the advantage of Facebook and do keep in touch through messages and chatting.  We chat nearly every day and she is aware of my goals for the new year.  She is also looking forward to a better year including some health and fitness goals.  We both are in need of getting back into shape (I am far worse off than she is) and have decided to work together toward our goals.   We both are dealing with our own issues, both physically and mentally.   She is dealing with some problems with her back and trying to carve out time for herself instead of giving it all to her family.  My issues are more mental issues in regard to time and diet, I am sure I will address this in the future.

So, the challenge has been set and I have twenty weeks to get there.  Holy crap, what was I thinking?


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