Hope and Faith

I try to use nicknames when I am talking about family and friends as to not involve them too much in my little ramblings.   As anyone reading this already knows, my husband and daughter go by Sully and Boo.  Since I am now involving my friend  in the blog, she needs naming as well.

We discussed, each throwing different ideas out and not really finding anything that we were thrilled with.  We took a break from our FB to chat to get some stuff done and decided that we would think on it and meet back later.  A little later I was folding laundry, the epitome of mindless activities and came up with Hope and Faith.

It fits us, my friend is Faith and I am Hope.  Faith is very active in her church and, appropriately,  faith is very important to her.  When she is down, she relies on her faith to help lift her up again.  I am Hope, and I am full of it… hope, I mean.  I might have times where I feel low but I am always, always full of hope.  I have my sarcastic moments but I am often annoyingly positive, usually annoying Sully who would much rather have a good rant about something.

It should be a fun year, the two of us rambling our way down the roads of change.    🙂

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