Moving forward…

There are some days that so many weird and frustrating things happen that your entire day is defined by the moments of frustration.  At the end of the day, you look back and you realize how little you got done because you were stuck dealing with the crap.  I have been looking back at last year and I am having that same feeling.  Where did the year go?

Last year, we had frustrating and stressful things happen over and over again.  We made it through everything mostly unscathed but there were days that I really wondered.  We had some really long days and I had some really long nights.  The many projects and plans I had for the year were mostly pushed to the side while we dealt with the other things.  I did get some early Spring cleaning done in January/February and then some serious garage reorganization in late summer, a great time to be in the garage in Arizona.

I saw a friend this weekend that I hadn’t spoken with in a few months.  She asked what we had been up to lately, my honest and spontaneous answer was, “Moving forward.”  It was a true statement, sometimes there is so much going on that you find yourself trudging along not even aware that you are moving forward.  I am really hoping that this year will be different.  I have goals to achieve this year and I am going to stay on track.  If something comes up, I am going to do my best to work around it.  Moving forward is good but I want to be part of the journey.  Life’s too short to get stuck in one place.


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