Finding the time…

My brain is still on losing time.  There are so many days that go by and I am busy, busy, busy all day long.  At some point I look around and I can’t tell if I’ve really gotten anything done.   And again, that was how last year went, running and more running, and there wasn’t a lot to look back on.  

Some days I realize that I’ve been working hard with no visible result.  Those days I will go work on something that we can all see before dinner.  It’s a bit ridiculous, a weird kind of a tap dance that only I get at the end of the day.  I kind of tried to do that with last year, I ran around like crazy getting stuff done but it really didn’t change the fact that I was super busy dealing with crap and I didn’t really get a lot done.

Sully’s favorite commercial, “Busy bee, can’t get that!”

Then there are the days that I try and try to get stuff done but every time I sit down there’s is something I have to get up and do… the dog needs to be let out,  Boo has a question, the dryer is done, someone is texting me and my phone is across the room, the cat/dog/? is puking in the kitchen…  It’s not like any of the things interrupting me are difficult or take time but I have days where I am going back and forth and I can’t get anything done.  The thing is I don’t know if I should stop trying to get stuff done and just sit around waiting for someone to need me.   I am pretty sure that’s not really an option but on really crazy days I feel like I should do that.

It’s hard enough to get things done on a ‘normal’ day.  I start out the day by taking the sheets off of the bed and take them to the washer, start the washer then turn to the linen closet to get sheets but first I decide to take the folded kitchen towels off of the dryer to put away.  While I am in the kitchen I remember that I need to take the recycling out, on the way through the garage I see that the dog food needs to be poured into the dog food container.  I go to the linen closet to get new sheets for the bed when I hear the washer making noise, I readjust the sheets in the washer and then see that the dog is standing by the back door, after I let him out then I remember to put the dishes away.  This goes on and on and at 3:00 in the afternoon I walk into the bedroom and see the still unmade bed.  Seriously…

Honestly, I think there is no way around it, it’s a conspiracy against me.  Right?  No?  Yeah, I guess not.  It’s still a pain to deal with…


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