Progress, not perfection…

Yesterday, I started using the Lose It! website to track my food and exercise.  I am restricted to 1300 calories a day, which really wasn’t that hard to stick with yesterday but not so much today.  When I was discussing it with Faith she said, “Remember it’s about progress, not perfection.”  She is right, even going over I am sure that my calories are way lower than they’ve been in months.  I am proud of my progress, hopefully it will show up on the scale sometime soon.

So, here’s the progress…

Keeping up Appearances – Day 8: I’ve been doing pretty well with this, I am doing something with my hair every morning.  The earring situation isn’t easy because I don’t have a lot of earrings and the ones I do have make my ears itch if I wear them too long.  I am working on getting more earring for sensitive ears.

Water – Day 6:  I am doing really well.  This is my third day with my new water glass and second day drinking 3 glasses a day (72 ounces).  I feel a bit waterlogged at times and even my heartburn is acting up but I am seeing good benefits too.  When I drink that much water I find that I don’t want to snack as much.  Of course, with all of the extra trips to the restroom who has time to snack.  

Stretching – Day 6: This is the one that I have problems with I start stretching and I get sidetracked and never get a full body stretch session completed.  This is why I need a video or something.  


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