Positive reinforcement…

As I move into the third week of the new year and hopefully the new and improved me, I have noticed that some things work to motivate me and others do not.

Overall, I am not a negative person, I have my sarcastic moments like anyone else.  If someone is being a jerk I might have a few choice words for them but I try to stay on the happy side of things.   I don’t do well with being pushed, I tend to push back even if it’s detrimental to myself, I am that stubborn.   My mother used to make comments about my food choices, clothing choices or any number of things and most of the time I would listen.  If I thought she was pushing me though I would just keep on with what I was doing.  Not a great step in personal growth, I realize, maybe I thought she would stop or that I was somehow exerting my personal independence.  Regardless of my intention, it’s not the smartest reaction but it is what I do and I try to catch it when I can.

It makes sense then that I tend to react better with positive cues.  I am trying to give myself positive reinforcement.  I am working on making some goals for weight loss, if I lose ten pounds then I will get my ear pierced and other little rewards as I get closer to my goal.  In fact, I might look at my other goals and see if I can’t work on rewards for those, as well.  I have a lot to work on but at the same time I think my foundation is  pretty solid.  It’s taken me years to get to this point, it’s not surprising or unexpected that change is not going to happen overnight.

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