User error…

I am still here, and still writing, just in case you were wondering.  There haven’t been blog posts lately due to some computer hardware issues.  Mostly it’s my mouse, it’s been having a wandering problem, I move it a little to the right and it zooms off to the upper left.  I click on something once and it double clicks and opens something I wanted to move.  It’s not the worst thing that could happen but when it happens fifty times in a half hour it makes things a little frustrating.

I have been writing my posts using my iPad and when I finally got around to posting them I, uhmmm, lost them…

Note to self… Do not try to do complicated things when you are tired and/or when your mouse is being skittery.

I happened to have been dealing with both when I tried to move the blog posts.  They are on my laptop somewhere, my skittery mouse picked up the files but dropped them somewhere between their place of origin and the destination folder.  I know I will find them but bear with me it might take a few days.

I am working on new stuff to post and will try to keep working on that daily.  That’s more for me than anyone because let’s face it, no one is really reading this anyway.  So, I could metaphorically dance around in jammies and no one would notice.

Woohoo, it’s PJ day!  Yay!


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