On fire…

Today, I had a plan.  I was up and got moving almost immediately, a half hour after I woke up, I had fed the dogs, pulled some weeds in the front yard and I had set up the fence for the bunnies.  

By 9:30, I had checked in with Faith and she also had a great start.  We were on fire!  I went on to get more stuff done and was quite impressed with my own accomplishments. I was so excited that I was going to get so much done today, the truth though is that I flamed out by noon.  I got one or two small things done in the afternoon but it was nothing like my morning progress.  Faith met up with similar results so at least I wasn’t alone in my unmotivated state.  

I hate days like that when I have so much planned, start out strong and then lose steam soon after.  I always try to work on some little things to keep things moving but it’s never as important as the first tasks I got done.  It happens all of the time, I guess I need to be better about making lists.  Of course, it would be nice if I had a normal week with a normal schedule.

For now, I am going to stay positive and focus on the things that I did get done.  That’s something I can build on. 

**Wow, that totally sounded like a really lame public service announcement.  Awesome!  Lame PSAs crack me up.  Bonus!

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