Rowing in circles…

I am still having a bad week.  Sully is at the office again and I think it is bumming me out.   I usually get more done when he is at the office but this is so not the case this week.  I barely kept up with the laundry, and yeah, I might have been sick or nearly sick earlier in the week.  You would think though on a day like today where I felt better that I would be working double time to get caught up.  That is so not the case, it just feels like I am in slow motion and the day is just running by.

I know that I miss Sully but I think the bigger problem is the monotony of housekeeping. There are only so many times that you can wash the same clothes, dust the same furniture and mop the same floors week after week without feeling like it is some great exercise in futility.   There is no deadline, there is no high fiving at the end of the day when laundry is done.  I will have more laundry tomorrow, and next week and the week after that.   We all know that this is just a basic fact of life, people make messes and clothes get dirty and someone has to clean it up.  It’s the never ending aspect of it that can seem overwhelming.  It’s a bit unsettling to think that the kitchen floor will always need to be mopped.  The garage will always be cluttered.  The lawn will need to be mowed.  There is a never ending list of things that I need to do, and that’s a bit unsettling.

There are other aspects that are equally difficult.  I used to enjoy cooking but coming up with ideas has turned meal time into a chore.  Although I will admit that in recent months I have found some good quick and easy recipes that I have been able to throw into the mix rather easily.  

My final complaint has to do with the Stay at Home mom part of things.  People assume that since I am home all day that I have nothing to do.  Even people that know that I homeschool act like I am free all day.  It makes me a little batty.  I have stopped answering the phone during the day to avoid most of the stupidity.  My favorite comment though is “oh, I couldn’t stay home all of the time like that.  I wouldn’t have anything to do and I would be so bored.”   Yeah, that’s not really an issue for me…



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