Shopping Ninja…

I like saving money and use coupons when I can but I am not a coupon clipping person either.  Yeah, I keep the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons because they take multiple and expired coupons.  I also hang on to Joanns and Michael’s coupons but I don’t buy three Sunday papers for the coupons.  I don’t spend $18 a month on coupon mailings so that I can clip coupons two nights a week.  I am busy enough and I can’t help but think my time is more valuable than the fifty cents I might save on Cheez-its.  If I get return visit coupons I try to use them if there is something I need to buy.

Today, Boo and I went shopping mostly to find black sweatpants with the elastic at the ankles for Boo’s dance costume.  We were told on Monday that we needed them on Friday.  I was first told that she could wear her black sweatpants that we got last year.  The studio name is bedazzled on the front with blue crystals.  By Wednesday that decision was overturned because of the bell bottoms and they wanted the elastic ankles.  We went to three WalMarts, sent Sully to check the WalMart near his work and looked at Kohl’s.  

We didn’t have luck at Kohl’s finding the sweatpants but we were able to find some other things that Boo needed.  We got a pack of socks, undies, a set of headbands and a nail polish set.  I had $30 in Kohl’s cash and I had brought a 15% off pass.  I wasn’t really paying much attention to the running total as we shopped.  The Kohl’s cash didn’t expire for another week so if we didn’t hit $30 I knew we could always come back.  We got to the checkout, I hand off my 15% off pass and Kohl’s cash.  The cashier runs the Kohl’s cash through the machine and hands it back to me, “There’s $0.06 left on there for you to spend.”  I think, ‘wow, six cents’ and I say, “Woooooh.”  We both laughed.

I could not have planned that better if I tried.  I think that is just about the closest I have ever gotten to a gift card balance.  Booyah!  

Also, Boo and I had a really good time shopping on Friday.  My favorite  was when we were looking for purses, Boo was not impressed by the big poofy purses.  I was looking for something in Spring colors.  The few things I did find weren’t discounted enough for me to consider.  I am thinking I will have to give my Ninja skills a run at JC Penneys.

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