Awesome Blossom…

In yesterday’s post I added a picture of a Buttercup.  I went searching for an actual Buttercup flower.  I came across Buttercup, the PowerPuff girl and that just seemed appropriate so I went with that.  It doesn’t seem fair for Buttercup to get all of the press here so Blossom and Bubbles will get their days too.

I have seen the PowerPuff girls and I like the show.  I have seen some episodes a few times and I am sure there are a few that I have never seen, such is the nature of catching re runs on TV/Cable/Satellite.  Of the three PowerPuff girls, Blossom is the leader and she is the everything nice part of sugar and spice and everything nice.   She is the planner, the peacemaker and she is very smart with a photographic memory and she can speak and read Chinese.

Blossom is perfect to talk about considering the last week I have had.  With the exception of the Chinese language requirement I have a tendency to be a little Blossom like, although the smart and memory parts are fairly debatable on any given day.  I am definitely a planner, I always have multiple lists going, a daily to-do list, upcoming projects, Christmas cards and crafts, yard projects, sewing and other crafts, and the lists go on.  As for being the peacemaker, I am so very guilty, ever since I was a kid I have been the peacemaker.  I was a go between with my brother and sister, Jenner and Lily. Jenner is the oldest and was an all around athlete when we were going up.  Still, to this day anything that he tries he can master very quickly.  Lily is the middle child, she loves to paint and she was always the artsy fartsy kid.  I was the smart but equally cute kid.  Jenner and Lily butted heads all of the time and I would often jump in.  I am a pretty good negotiator and I have brokered peace between them more times than I can remember.

This last week I was the planner and the peacemaker.  I hardly got anything done because things were so crazy, I was able to work on lists of things that needed to be done for this week.  I also played peacemaker for family members as we dealt with some issues, mostly the issues from the Buttercup post.  Losing your temper and telling a family member to suck it up when they have just asked you for help is never a good thing.  Even if the person needs to suck it up, there’s some protocol there before you get to that point.  So, I was doing my best to run interference before anything was said that could be turned into a major kerfluffle, (much like the Cable Box Incident of 2009).

The week was rough and I didn’t get much done but all in all I was a pretty awesome Blossom.


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