Tiny Bubbles…

This is our third and final day of PowerPuff girl themed posts.  

Out of the three PowerPuff girls, Bubbles is the sensitive one, and she is the sugar part of sugar and spice and everything nice.   Bubbles is known for her understanding of foreign languages, her ability to communicate with animals along with the fact  that she can be overly emotional at times and gets extremely mad when pushed.  (I can see a few of my friends out there nodding their heads.)  I turns out I share a lot of similarities with Bubbles.  I will add my usual caveat, I love foreign languages but I claim no expertise.

I definitely have Bubbles moments.  There are five cats, three dogs, two rabbit and two hamsters living in my house.  Bubbles has a stuffed octopus named Octi that is her best friend.  I can’t even imagine the number of stuffed animals in this house.  With the number of Build A Bears alone pushing fifty, I don’t think I want to know.    As for Bubbles other qualities, Hallmark commercials, songs and a million other normal things make me cry, ask Sully, Boo or Zelda.  Even Faith has had to deal with my weepiness.  When I am not overly emotional I am a pretty happy and understanding person.  I am not normally an angry person, I don’t fly off the handle for no reason.  On occasion I will get annoyed or complain about something .  I will put up with a lot before I will truly begin to get angry.  Once I get to that point though everybody better duck and run.  I have been told that when I get that angry I look like I am levitating off of the ground.  Sully says that it’s a bit scary how dead calm I get, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised to see stuff come flying off of the shelves as I stand there.   Mojo Jojo was afraid of Bubbles after she took him out a fit of rage.  I guess the lesson here is don’t mess with me.  You never know if I am going to cry or if I am going to levitate all over your sorry ass.  (Not sure how or why that sounded suggestive or maybe it was just me, hmmm…)

After a week of being Buttercup and Blossom, I was ready for some Bubbles time.  Boo and I ran some errands, picked up lunch and had a relaxing afternoon.  She went to dance and I got to finish reading my book.  It was nice to have a day with no planning or peacemaking.



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