Enjoying the day…

Alert the media!  I slept in today, it was after 11:00 when I opened my eyes.  The crazy dog, Foley awakened me around 7:30 this morning.  I let him out of his crate and shoved him out the back door.  Honestly, I didn’t really shove him, I open the door of his crate and he runs straight out for the back door.  He does the potty dance around the back door until I open it and he can run through.  I went straight back to bed, usually he barks after a while and keeps barking until I feed him.  Of course, I have to feel all three dogs, not really fair to reward his early rising.  I am not usually able to fall back to sleep after feeding all three dogs and letting them out and back in all that.  As for today, he may have barked in the back yard, I have no idea.  I can be a pretty sound sleeper and I didn’t hear him at all this morning.  The other dogs were perfectly fine in their crates when I went to feed them, I guess Foley just has a small bladder.

After getting up I munched on my cold leftovers from Chipotle, I had added the pinto beans and rice that Boo had gotten with her kids meal.  I really like their rice, it has cilantro in it and super tasty.  I don’t usually like white rice at all, well, unless it is drenched in some sort of sauce.  All in all, it was a great brunch, sitting with Sully on our bed.  He had some cold pizza and the chips leftover from Boo’s kids meal.

While we ate, Sully gave me the rundown of movie showings.  He had wanted to take Boo and I to see the new movie, ‘This Means War’ for Valentine’s Day.  It just opened yesterday, I was a little concerned about it being crowded but there were maybe ten other people in the theater.

I really enjoyed the movie.  Chris Pine and Tom Hardy were perfect, the dialogue was smart and so funny.  The romantic comedy scenes were set around great action scenes.  It was definitely my kind of movie and I have no doubt that I will be buying it on blu ray when it comes out.

We spent the rest of the day watching movies on blu ray and had a great dinner of leftovers and some portobello tortelloni.  I have been amazed by the nice relaxing days we have had so far this year.  Crossing my fingers that this is a good sign for this year.


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