Pin it…

So, I finally signed up for Pinterest today.  I had been on there a couple of times looking at stuff that friends had posted on Facebook or sent in emails.  I had been reluctant at first and I am not sure why, maybe I was just trying buck the trend.  Who knows, I am a mom and I am busy, does it really  matter at this point?  It makes sense though for me to like Pinterest, I am always saving website addresses and ideas into emails, EverNote, Word documents, OneNote, notes on Facebook and any place else that pops in my head.

I signed up last night and played around with it a little this morning.  I added some boards and raided some friends boards to re-pin ideas to my boards.  I even branched out from there and added some books by authors that I like.  I can see myself getting sucked in to Pinterest if I am not paying attention.

So far, I have already determined that I need an embroidery machine, there are some really fabulous things that you can do with one.  Of course, I have a gazillion craft things to do already, maybe I should work on some of that.  

Here is a great wreath made with balloons and curling ribbon.


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