16 Calendars…

That’s probably how many calendars I will need to do this.  I will start with two, maybe three and see how it goes.

I read about this on the ReInventing Fabulous blog (ReFab) and I have been thinking about it since.  It’s a great idea and it works since I couldn’t think of anything else to write about anyway.  It’s been a funky week.  Faith and Sully know what I am talking about I might elaborate someday, I might not.  We will see.

Don’t Break the Chain is kind of a habit forming aid.  You will need a calendar and a marker.  Pick a task or goal that you want to work on everyday, exercise, crafting, reading, whatever and everyday that you do the task you put an X on the calendar for that day.  As the days go by the Xs make a chain… Don’t break the chain.

Now, I just need to figure out what I want to start with, I am thinking two calendars for now.  There are a few things I am working on, organizing, exercise, crafting, yardwork and writing.  Exercise and writing?  I guess, I can add another calendar after March if I need to, right?  

The system can be adapted to different times and tasks, this article, How Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret Fixed My Procrastination Problem, on Lifehacker has more detail.

Brad Isaac’s one on one with Jerry Seinfeld is found in this article, Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret, on Lifehacker.

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