Fox or the Hedgehog…

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Jennifer Crusie’s Argh Ink, and came across the Hedgehog Concept.  It’s a helpful exercise to find your path in life, or at least figure out a direction.

It comes from an old folktale about a Hedgehog and a Fox. The Fox comes everyday with a hundred new ideas on how to catch the hedgehog and he tries it all. But for everything the Hedgehog reacts by doing the one thing that it knows best – rolling tight in a ball and protecting itself. The Fox is always out-foxed.  ***

In the exercise you must ponder three main questions –

What are you deeply passionate about?

What can you be the best in the world at?

What drives your economic engine?

The three questions are represented by three circles of equal size.  The three circles intersect each other like the Olympic flag.  Like most Venn diagrams, the area where the circles intersect becomes the focus of the exercise.  That’s the area that tells you

You can find more details here,  Hedgehog Concept: The Three Circles.  I haven’t done this yet, I am waiting for my allergy/sinus issues to clear up and then I am going to give it a whirl.

***(Quote found in the comment section of Wandering Mirages blog)

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