Outside interference…

Just when I have a plan for the day, something else comes up and my plans are shot to heck.  This has been a continuing theme however, I suppose it’s  time to address it.

Since Sully and I have been married we have been dealing with a mess of family issues.  In the twelve plus years we have been together our extended family has been plagued by a number of medical issues.  We got married in November and soon after the new year began, Sully’s maternal grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.   I had just found out I was pregnant.  Grandpa got moved into a facility for special care.

Boo was born the next October and things were okay for a little while.  Then GrandmaV was sick and then Grandpa passed away.  Later that same year, Sully’s dad, TW, was diagnosed with renal cancer, he had his kidney removed and started chemo therapy.  Six months later GrandmaV had been moved into assisted living and she passed away.  That was about the same time TW was given six months to live. (That was seven years ago.)  The next year my mother passed away after a sudden illness and my father passed away sixteen months after that from lung cancer.

TW is continuing to fight but he had back surgery about five years ago where they put in a metal rod to fuse several of the vertebrae in his lower back.  He has had hip replacement surgery.  He’s been on several different chemo medications and had radiation treatments as well as a cyberknife procedure.  Last May he was in the hospital for twenty days.  He had two surgeries in the span of ten days, a fusion in his neck and another fusion to his lower back.  He went into the hospital on May 10th, was transferred to a rehab center and didn’t come back home until July 18th.  He is still recovering from those surgeries getting around mostly with the aid of a wheelchair and a walker.

I had grand plans for this week.  I was going to start my Spring Cleaning this week.  I was going to start my Don’t break the Chain calendars.  Instead I got a phone call from Martha, Sully’s mom, about taking TW to the ER, his remaining kidney was failing.  Family always comes first, the house can wait, so I got dressed and the animals situated.  Boo and I got our bags together and we were out the door in fifteen minutes.  Sully met us at his parents’ house and we all headed out to the hospital.

Can I say how wrong it is that we get our bags together in less than ten minutes?  We are experts at packing stuff to keep us busy while we hang out in the boring waiting room.   Boo has been able to do since she was five or six, I don’t know if I should be proud or concerned.

Bottom line…I am going to be there for my family whenever they need me.  I just wish the house fairies would clean up while I was gone/asleep/daydreaming/just not looking.  I am so not picky…

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