Not enough time…

I spent most of today sitting in a hospital waiting room.  My father in law, TW, is in ICU, he is being treated for kidney failure.  He was having problems with low blood pressure, and that’s why they are keeping him in ICU.

The chairs in the waiting room are very uncomfortable and it’s really cold in there.  Boo is being a trooper and I am very proud of her.  She is working on writing her chapter descriptions for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  She also brought her iPod to play games on and listen to music.

I brought several things to work on, my iPad, the book ‘Hammered’ by Kevin Hearne, my homeschool folder,
 and my writing notebook.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get much of anything done though.  There were so many distractions, text messages, people coming in and out, Martha would come out and chat for a little while and then go back to see TW in his room.  It was a little frustrating, I was gone for six hours and you would think I would have gotten more done that read a couple of chapters of my book.

Once I got home, I was so burned out that I just laid around watching TV for the rest of the evening.  Of course, once I got home I ended up on the phone for almost two hours updating various family members on what was going on.  

I wonder if anyone would notice if I just got in my car and went on vacation…

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