Crafty me…

I love to work on crafts; sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, holiday crafting, stencil painting, card making, paper crafts, needle crafts, you name it and I have probably done it.  I am actually hoping to start quilting this summer and I really would like to learn how to knit.  I have knitted hats and scarves using the knifty knitter but knitting with needles might be fun too.

What I really need to work on though is my craft room.  It’s a mess, and mostly because everything in the house that doesn’t have a normal place gets shoved into the craft room.  Of course, it’s also the school room and a place for Sully’s collection of board games and other stuff.  

I would really like to get started on scrapbooking again.  Hopefully, I can start after the Spring Cleaning crew rolls through that part of the house.  I have a great table in there that I got at IKEA, folded up it is about 14″ wide.  You can lift one side or both to make a table that measures 28″ X 56″.  

I drooled over this table for a year.  I saved money here and there and finally got it a few years ago.  We drove over in the middle of the week and I told Sulley he could stay in the car because I would be back in ten minutes.  He was being cranky and bet me that I couldn’t do it.  Silly man!  I rushed up the escalator through the top floor, down the stairs to the warehouse, power walked past a couple.  I went straight to the aisle with the table, grabbed the box met up with the couple I power walked by.  I told them I was power walking because my husband said I couldn’t get in and out with the table in ten minutes.  The wife said “You better show him” and the husband was in shock, he didn’t think anyone could get in and out that fast.  I found a cashier with no line, paid and left.  I got back to the car with about a half minute to spare.  It’s an amazing table but I don’t  think they sell it anymore.

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16 Calendars…

That’s probably how many calendars I will need to do this.  I will start with two, maybe three and see how it goes.

I read about this on the ReInventing Fabulous blog (ReFab) and I have been thinking about it since.  It’s a great idea and it works since I couldn’t think of anything else to write about anyway.  It’s been a funky week.  Faith and Sully know what I am talking about I might elaborate someday, I might not.  We will see.

Don’t Break the Chain is kind of a habit forming aid.  You will need a calendar and a marker.  Pick a task or goal that you want to work on everyday, exercise, crafting, reading, whatever and everyday that you do the task you put an X on the calendar for that day.  As the days go by the Xs make a chain… Don’t break the chain.

Now, I just need to figure out what I want to start with, I am thinking two calendars for now.  There are a few things I am working on, organizing, exercise, crafting, yardwork and writing.  Exercise and writing?  I guess, I can add another calendar after March if I need to, right?  

The system can be adapted to different times and tasks, this article, How Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret Fixed My Procrastination Problem, on Lifehacker has more detail.

Brad Isaac’s one on one with Jerry Seinfeld is found in this article, Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret, on Lifehacker.



Multitasking is a way of life when you are a mom, help with math homework while folding laundry, wash off kitchen counters while dinner is heating up on the stove, write a blog post while testing spelling words and those are just a few examples.   I do this all day long with a few quiet moments thrown in between periods of perpetual motion.

I have been multitasking since I was a kid watching TV while I did my homework.  As I got older it just got busier, TV, homework, talking on the phone.  By the time I was in college, I was working full time and taking a full schedule of classes, I think chaos was the best way to describe life then.  I left before the sun came up and came home after it set, it was a little crazy.  I had moments of calm, like right before a big exam when I had no choice but spend three or four hours in the library or at the kitchen table pouring over my notes and textbooks.

The thing I am noticing now is that I wonder with all of the multitasking if I have lost the ability to focus on one thing at a time.  The last few days I have been concentrating on finishing one thing at a time and it’s driving me crazy.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or the out of control allergies but I get all twitchy and fidgety.  My attention span sometimes feels like it’s about ten seconds long, and that is not normal for me.  The chances of me getting a half hour much less three or four uninterrupted hours are about equal to me winning the lottery.  Still you would think I could hold on to a fifteen to twenty minute span of time and get some serious ass kicking work done.  Not so much, it seems.  My brain wanders to the million other things that I need to be doing instead of the task at hand.  

I know I can’t stop multitasking but I need to work on the focusing too.

Note to self… Schedule 15 minutes of uninterrupted focus time every day.


Fat Tuesday…

Arizona isn’t really known for their Mardi Gras celebrations but in recent years I keep thinking that it would be fun to join in on the fun.  It clearly didn’t happen this year, maybe next time.

I did some researchin French, “Mardi Gras” literally means “Fat Tuesday.”  It falls on the day before Ash Wednesday,  the last day before Lent, a 40-day season of prayer and fasting observed by the Roman Catholic Church (and many other Christian denominations) which ends on Easter Sunday.  The celebration period varies between countries and cultures, for some it is limited to the one day prior to Ash Wednesday, or the three days leading up to Ash Wednesday, or the period from Epiphany through Ash Wednesday.  It was a chance for people to celebrate before the restrictions of the Lenten Season began.  

I was raised Catholic and gave up numerous things for Lent between the ages of six and twenty six, all twenty years with no celebration leading up to Ash Wednesday.  Nearly every year that I was in elementary school, my mother would somehow need to go to the grocery store or the bank on Ash Wednesday so at least one non-Catholic person could point out that I had “some dirt” on my forehead.  Yeah, what part of ASH Wednesday are you having trouble with?   

In the last fifteen years, I have moved away from the church.  It had become increasingly obvious to me in recent years that the personal and political agendas of the leaders of the church had become more important than the original teachings and canon of Jesus.  There are several traditions and teachings that never made any sense to me and believing some of the more mystical concepts had escaped me.   While the church clung to outdated traditions made by men of the middle ages, they allowed and covered up crimes by their own clergy.  

Now, my belief system falls between Wicca, Druids and Jedi Knights. Sometimes I believe I can feel the Force, the basic energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together.  At the same time I believe in the power of the Earth and nature.  I take all of the good parts of Christianity, like being accepting of all people and treating others with kindness.  I guess I am kind of a new age hippie.     


Pin it…

So, I finally signed up for Pinterest today.  I had been on there a couple of times looking at stuff that friends had posted on Facebook or sent in emails.  I had been reluctant at first and I am not sure why, maybe I was just trying buck the trend.  Who knows, I am a mom and I am busy, does it really  matter at this point?  It makes sense though for me to like Pinterest, I am always saving website addresses and ideas into emails, EverNote, Word documents, OneNote, notes on Facebook and any place else that pops in my head.

I signed up last night and played around with it a little this morning.  I added some boards and raided some friends boards to re-pin ideas to my boards.  I even branched out from there and added some books by authors that I like.  I can see myself getting sucked in to Pinterest if I am not paying attention.

So far, I have already determined that I need an embroidery machine, there are some really fabulous things that you can do with one.  Of course, I have a gazillion craft things to do already, maybe I should work on some of that.  

Here is a great wreath made with balloons and curling ribbon.