Getting ready…

Alright, this is it.  I need to get back to my plan, I am supposed to be taking better care of myself, darn it!   Most of March has been spent with me worrying and taking care of everyone else.  I am glad to help, don’t get me wrong but I am the last person on the list and some days I am just too tired by the time I get to me.

This week though, I am gearing up.  I am getting myself ready.  April 1st is on Sunday and April Fool’s Day or not I am going to get myself back on track.

Here is my list to work on this week…

  • Drink more water –  I need to get back to my 64 oz.
  • Stretching –  My legs are always sore by the end of the day, H2O might be involved too.
  • Exercise –  I still have a bit of a cough if I move wrong so this might have to wait.
  • Sleep –  It might be a good idea to get more than 6 hours of sleep every night.
  • Crafts –  I need to keep doing stuff that is not stressful.  Projects help me get stuff done while having a calm few hours.
  • Writing –  I absolutely have to get started on my editing.  I have put it off far too long.

So, Plan A was to start all of this in January and stick to it forever after.  Clearly, it’s time to invoke Plan B, which is to jump back in and plan to stick to it.  Woohoo!!!



Bare basics…

I have always been a sort of a home remedy type of girl.  I like making my own version of things whether it’s crafts or recipes.  So, when I came across a recipe for homemade laundry soap, I was definitely interested.  Google was quite useful and I found several websites that used the same recipe.

Last weekend, I took a trip to Walmart and bought the following items…

  • Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (55oz box) – $3.24
  • 20 Mule Team Borax (76oz box) – $3.99
  • Fels-Naptha (5.5oz bar) – $0.97
  • Grater – $2.50

There are two versions of the laundry detergent, powder and liquid.  The basic recipe for the powder calls for you to grate the Fels-Naptha soap, then add 1 cup of Washing Soda and 1 cup of Borax.  Mix well, it’s makes about 4 cups give or take a little due to the varying volume of the grated soap.   Keep in an air tight container, one tablespoon per load, which translates to about 60 loads of laundry.

I broke down the cost of the batch to $2.00, divide that by 60 loads and it comes to about $0.03 per load.   My previous detergent costs $4.97 for 32 loads, that’s $0.15 per load.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but when you multiply it out to a year.  If I do a minimum of six loads of laundry a week that is 312 loads a year.  At $0.15 a load it comes to over $45 a year and with the homemade detergent it will cost less than $10 a year.  I will have to buy more bars of the Fels-naptha soap but the washing soda and Borax will last me more than a year.  (I included the additional bars of soap into my cost per batch.  I didn’t include the price of the grater because I just added it to my craft supplies anyway.)

I have washed about ten loads of laundry, clothes, towels and sheets.  It works great better than my previous detergent, it smells wonderful and it’s easy to use.  I’ve been using liquid detergents and they get all over the place, so the switch to the powder is nice.

Overall, here are the benefits of mixing my own detergent; it saves money, it works better, it’s easy to use and I know what’s in it.  I am really excited about this, which I realize is really dorky but this is not a surprise to anyone really.  I will have to see what else I can mix up myself.


One more time…

We took Kayla to her grandma’s house a little after noon today.  Val’s husband is going to pick up Kayla and her brother from there this evening.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and relaxing.  We have all stayed up way too late over the last few days.  We ended up watching our favorite episodes of the show “How I Met Your Mother”.

Swarley  (Season 2, Episode 7)

Great mash up of the best Swarley moments.  Click here for the video.


 Slap Bet (Season 2, Episode 9)

This video is a montage of several scenes connected to the Slap Bet episode.  Enjoy!  Click here for the video.

All clips belong to CBS. No copyright infringement intended.


Fun with clay…

Crafts are always a good after lunch activity.  I thought it would be a good way to keep the girls busy but not in each other’s hair.

I took the girls up to Joann’s to buy some craft stuff.  We decided on oven bake clay similar to Sculpey.  We found a cute kit from Bake Shop that had a nice bunch of colors, plus I had my 40% off coupon.  Woohoo!

Kayla liked the little cat on the cover and decided to make small figures that looked like the kittens.  

Boo and I decided to use push molds.  I made some butterflies to decorate the light switchplate in the master bathroom.    Boo made some pretty pink roses to decorate a figurine of a horse.
 I have some pics of the final products I will add them later.

One of those days…

We were still getting ready for Kayla to come spend a few days with us.  Honestly, there wasn’t that much more to do.  It was just the last minute things, wipe down the bathrooms and deal with the floors.   I also had some laundry to deal with but no big deal.  It was easy to deal with in between Boo’s homeschool stuff and I would be done before lunch.

I should have known better than to plan ahead…

  • When Boo took her shower she got water everywhere so I couldn’t sweep before mopping.  In a house with three dogs and five cats you have to sweep first or wet hair is everywhere.
  • Boo was so excited about Kayla coming over that she kept stopping me to ask questions instead of just doing her schoolwork.  
  • I went out to the garage to grab something and when the door closed it knocked a picture off of the wall.   The glass shattered and I had to stop what I was doing to clean up glass.
  • Sully came in to help me with the floors and the mop head snapped off of the handle.
  • Sully’s mom, Martha, had called earlier and asked me to run an errand for her. I had to leave 3o minutes before my original plan, which was fine until everything else happened.

It all worked out though.  Sully helped me spot clean the floors and I actually got to sit for about thirty minutes before we ran our errands and met Val.

 Boo and Kayla are having fun now.  It’s all good…