Only a dream…

I really have to get back to my writing.  I always know it’s time when I have a really crazy dream.

These dreams are weird in that, it’s me but I am not me at the same time.  I have a different name, I look different and none of the circumstances of the dream have anything to do with my actual life.  It all seems very real and I often wake up feeling very confused about the dream that I had.  I spend a few hours wandering around trying to figure it all out and then sit down and try to make some notes.  Two of the projects I have started with one of these confusing dreams and there are a few more sitting in my idea box.

This last one was a lot different than any of the other ‘story” dreams that I have had in the past.  I am looking forward to seeing where the story will go after the initial idea that started with the dream.


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