Work in progress…

I am supposed to be editing my work in progress, but I am trying to figure out which software to use.

I have used yWriter5 for several years but I felt like I needed more.  More what?  No idea, I was using the basic chapter and scene features, I also liked the character and location menus.  There are several features that weren’t useful at all and there were a few things that I could have used that weren’t there.

In January, I was working with Liquid Story Binder.  The difficult thing about LSB is that it is terribly complicated to figure out.  I really love the look of it, very colorful and visually striking.  There are so many features and it is so complex that it is not easy to just jump in and start writing.  You have to make builders and planners that link to chapters and scenes.  The character dossiers are s

Last month, Scrivener was recommended to me and I discovered that you can do a 30 day trial download.  I downloaded it last night, I haven’t really spent enough time with it to really comment.  My first impressions are mixed.  I like the corkboard feature and that the chapters and scenes are set up similarly to yWriter.  There are a few things that I am not fond of , there is no total word count, no timeline and the character section is less than interesting.  There is a tutorial video that I should probably watch.  I will post an update after I watch it and play around a bit up well though and I like that.

Of course, I think all of this research and fact finding might just be a way of putting off working on my WIP.  As I said before, I am supposed to be editing.  I was hoping one of these programs would be helpful with that.  I think I just need to buckle down and get it done so I can let people read it.  I need the input so I can get better and move forward



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