Better, not bitter…

I saw this quote posted on Facebook and it made me think.  I have had some good things happen and I have also had my share of hard times.  It would be easy to sit and wallow in the misery of those hard times.  I have never been one to wallow for very long, ok, yeah, I definitely have my moments of self pity.  Those moments are short and I usually snap out of it to take care of everyone else.  At my father’s funeral people kept asking me how I was doing.  I just kept saying, “Hanging in there.”  I mean, honestly, how is anyone supposed to answer that question?  I was more worried about making the other person happy than answering with the truth.  It was a good thing though because it distracted me for a few hours.

All of those moments good and bad can change us either for better or for worse depending on how we deal with them.  I could focus on missing my father but instead I think about all of the memories and the lessons he taught me.  I could look back at bad decisions I made in my life and regret them, instead I how I made the right decisions to get back on track.  I focus on the positive, it’s the only way to keep moving forward.

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