Rest and recovery…

That sick feeling that I have been fighting off for the last few weeks finally won.  I am thinking it is a sinus infection given all of the fun sinus pressure type symptoms.  Unfortunately, Sully and Boo are also suffering from similar symptoms.

I spent most of the day with Sully and Boo, sitting on our king sized bed watching episodes of the NBC comedy, ‘Community’.  I wanted to be productive so I worked on some small craft projects while I was relaxing.

I had run by Joann’s in the morning, I was armed with a gift card and coupons.  I got some good stuff and there was still money left on the gift card.  Yay me!

This last week I changed over the decor in the master bathroom.  The Spring set is butterflies with orchid and light sage accents.  The first picture is a shot of the fabric shower curtain. The second, is one of the decorative towels on the new fabric for the curtains in the walk-in closet.  The last picture shows the curtain fabric with a coordinating print.  I might use the print for curtain tie backs, but I am not sure yet.  My guess is that I won’t be sewing today but maybe tomorrow or next week.


Here is the other project I worked on…Over the years, Sully’s mom has given me handmade cards with butterflies and dragon flies on them.  I have always wanted to frame and hang them with the Butterflies in the bathroom.

I started with these unfinished frames, I got a pack

of four at Joann’s for $5.99 (after 40% off $9.99). I white washed them by watering down Ivory Ceramcoat paint.  I used a foam brush to paint the frames.  The color ended up being pretty close to the unfinished pine color but we liked how they looked.I couldn’t find the original cards and I wasn’t feeling well enough to rip apart the craft room.  I found two cards that Martha had made.  I put together some pre-stamped pieces that Martha and I had worked on for the last two frames.  Here are the frames and handmade cards.








Now, it’s time for bed and more sinus medication.  Goodnight…


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