Do your practice…

Ok, last week I wrote a blog post about being hesitant to edit my WIP.  The post was written on March 8th, Following your dreams

At the end of the post, I admitted that part of the problem is that I am concerned that the whole thing might suck.

Here’s the thing, it might suck.  It might be the most awful thing ever written but at least I wrote it.  I put in the time and effort and actually created something.  Not everyone can say they have written two complete novels.  Yes, all of the writers out there are agreeing with me while at the same time wondering if any book is really finished, really complete, but I digress.

It might suck and it might not, the important thing is I wrote it down.  Now, I need to edit it.  I will keep writing and fixing it and making it better until I don’t have to worry whether it sucks or not.  People don’t take up an Olympic sport in April and expect to make the National team in time for the Summer games.  It takes time, effort and a lot of practice.  My dad would say that if reaching your goal is important that you better be ready to put your blood, sweat and tears into it.

I need to cut myself some slack.  It’s okay for the writing to be bad, I just need to get in there and.. do my practice…

Yay me!!!


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