Making the best of it…

It was another long Friday.   Boo and I left the house around eleven  to spend the day with Martha and then transport T.W. from dialysis back to the care center at around 9:00 PM.  We drove to Martha’s house and then all three of us went to visit T.W. at the care center.   I am going to say that the visit was interesting and leave it at that.  We left there and went to lunch, we had a great time.  Martha and I even dissolved into a fit of giggles a couple of times.  Boo thought we were nuts but honestly, we really needed a good laugh, with all of the worrisome stuff going on lately.  

After lunch we did some shopping, Boo and I ran into the mall while Martha rested in the car and did some reading on her Kindle.  We checked out the newly remodeled Disney Store it is very cool.  Our vacation savings plan was started, I finally put some money on a gift card.  My plan is to put at least $25 on the gift card every paycheck.  I figure by October I will have at least $400.  Is that right?  Uhmmm, that’s eight months (if I include October)  multiplied by $50, so yeah, holy crap.  That’s $400!   Fantastic, I wish I would have started it in January.  Maybe I can add some extra money each payday to make up for the $100.  Hmmm, I will have to think about it and post an update.  

Meanwhile back at the mall…Boo and I stopped at Build A Bear so we could get a cute dress for her new Lucky plaid bear.   Molly looks quite spiffy in her shamrock dress.  I will have to add a pic.  We finished up shopping at Michael’s.  I found a great St. Patrick’s Day bow to add to the wreath that I hang in the kitchen.   The St. Patrick’s Day decorations were 50% off so I also grabbed some sparkly green fake carnations and some stickers.  There were some great looking Gerbera Daisies that were 40% off so  I grabbed a few of those too.  I got a few more things, most of it was on sale and I used a gift card, so it was a good trip all around.

Here is the wreath with the new bow.  I got the shamrock garland that is wrapped around the wreath a few years ago out of a clearance bin.  I think it cost me a quarter, look at me, such a big spender.  I love the new bow, the shamrocks are perfect, the white ribbon lightens up the wreath and bow itself really adds some dimension to it all.  All in all I am really happy with it all.  The lighting isn’t the greatest, I will try to take a better picture tomorrow when there is more light.


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