Don’t pinch me…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


A week or so ago, Boo and I were in WalMart and we saw some very cool St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts. I love the design on mine but I am not fond of the regular men’s collar.





I decided to cut off the collar.







A little research online led me to a few websites and some groovy ideas.  I finally settled on using embroidery floss to make a decorative edge.

Blanket stitch with black embroidery floss around the neckline.  It turned out really well.  It didn’t really take that long to do and I like that the stitch goes along with the Celtic knotwork on the shirt.


I planned on getting Bangers and Mash for dinner but our grocery store apparently doesn’t carry the meals anymore.   I was pretty bummed about it but next year I will figure out how to make my own.   We had a good dinner and a fun night.



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