Full circle…

Back on Valentine’s Day, I posted a picture from my wedding. I think it’s fairly obvious from the picture but we had a Renaissance themed wedding. It was a lot of fun and I could talk about working on all of the costumes and decorations, but I will save most of that for another day. Today, though, I want to talk about one of the table decorations. Sully’s mom, Martha made beautiful wedding favors. I looked at baskets, bowls and other containers for the favors to sit on the table. I like the looks of the grapevine wreaths, and we worked on some different ideas.  I have some pictures that I will add later.  Here is a quick description, we wrapped metallic gold ribbon around the wreaths, we glued cake circles to the back and added decorated paper butterflies and dragonflies to the front.

They looked really great with the favors in the center.  I have pictures of their awesomeness somewhere, I will add them when I find them.  We thought people would take them home but hardly anyone did.  I ended up taking home about twenty of the wreaths.  The next Christmas I used them to make wreaths for Sully’s parents, my parents, my sister’s family, my brother’s family and Sully’s grandparents and a Christmas wreath for us.

When Boo was a baby I made one that matched her nursery colors and hung it on the outside of her door.  Now it hangs on the outside of her bath room doorI like the idea of using the wreaths from the wedding, so I found a great spot over our pantry door in the kitchen and there is always a wreath hanging there now…

This is my wreath for St. Patrick’s Day.  I mentioned working on it in another post.  This is a slightly better picture.
This is my Spring wreath…
I started this one last year, I wrapped the cool butterfly ribbon around the wreath.  I hung it up to get a feel for what else would look good.  Stuff happened and I never got back to it.  I found these great flowers at Michael’s and then added the butterflies, also from Michaels

My Summer sunflower wreath…

 A few years ago, I found this pretty blue fabric ribbon, the flowers are probably daisies.  I had already bought the sunflowers for another project.  I really liked how the sunflowers looked with the blue in the ribbon and how it brought out the yellow in the flowers on the ribbon.

Here is the wreath that I hang in the fall…
I made this several years ago.  I bought two bunches of flowers and a couple of acorns and just stuck them in between the grapevine pieces. 

This hangs in the kitchen during ‘ordinary time’…

 Our kitchen has a Mickey Mouse theme, the main colors are red, black and white.  I would like to add a Mickey or Minnie to the wreath but I haven’t come across anything that will work.   A few months ago, I decided that it would be nice to have a wreath for non holiday time. Both Sully and I were raised Catholic and so we jokingly refer to non holiday time as ‘ordinary time’.

I have a Christmas wreath, actually I have two since we inherited the wreath that was given to Sully’s grandparents.  They are packed away in the garage, I think I know where they are but I want to get this post up on my blog before Easter.


I have more wreaths out in the garage, I will probably decorate more of them for other holidays.  I could use a non Christmas winter wreath, and Valentine’s Day is an option.  I saw a cute idea for a Mardi Gras wreath last week.  I could make a patriotic one to put up for the 4th of July and other national holidays.  I could make a separate Halloween wreath or one for Easter.  What about Earth Day?  Columbus Day?  Arbor Day?


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