One of those days…

We were still getting ready for Kayla to come spend a few days with us.  Honestly, there wasn’t that much more to do.  It was just the last minute things, wipe down the bathrooms and deal with the floors.   I also had some laundry to deal with but no big deal.  It was easy to deal with in between Boo’s homeschool stuff and I would be done before lunch.

I should have known better than to plan ahead…

  • When Boo took her shower she got water everywhere so I couldn’t sweep before mopping.  In a house with three dogs and five cats you have to sweep first or wet hair is everywhere.
  • Boo was so excited about Kayla coming over that she kept stopping me to ask questions instead of just doing her schoolwork.  
  • I went out to the garage to grab something and when the door closed it knocked a picture off of the wall.   The glass shattered and I had to stop what I was doing to clean up glass.
  • Sully came in to help me with the floors and the mop head snapped off of the handle.
  • Sully’s mom, Martha, had called earlier and asked me to run an errand for her. I had to leave 3o minutes before my original plan, which was fine until everything else happened.

It all worked out though.  Sully helped me spot clean the floors and I actually got to sit for about thirty minutes before we ran our errands and met Val.

 Boo and Kayla are having fun now.  It’s all good…

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