Partying the Irish way…

Here’s the backstory on this one, my friend, Val, teaches journalism, photography and yearbook at a high school here in Arizona.  Last year, while we were lamenting about our writing projects she mentioned that a fellow yearbook teacher that she knew through her yearbook exploits had just published his first book.  I bought his books and completely loved them.

Kevin Hearne is the author of  The Iron Druid Chronicles.  So far, there are four installments to the series.  You can find out more about Kevin and his books here —

Atticus & Oberon’s Sausage Fest!

Today, through the grace of Val, Sully and I were at the release party for Kevin Hearne’s latest book, Tricked.  Val bought tickets back in October but had last minute scheduling issues and wasn’t able to make it.  The party was held at a great Irish pub and restaurant in Tempe, Rula Bula.  We had amazing food, I had the bangers and mash and Sully had the fish and chips.  While waiting in line we noticed other friends and sat with them.  It was great fun and Mr. Hearne is really funny and very nice, good times all around.

Kevin Hearne reading a little from the beginning of Tricked.

We didn’t get to really talk to Kevin, he was trying to get around to everyone but it was much like a wedding in that he would get pulled away or get caught at a table too long.  He came over to us as we were leaving and talked for a bit.  I had brought my copy of Tricked for him to sign, since the books included in the ticket package had been personalized to Val and her husband.  We had just barely started talking when thhis woman walked up and interrupted.  She even said, “I don’t mean to interrupt but I’ll be quick.”  I didn’t want to appear rude so I didn’t say anything but I was not happy to have to stand there along with Sully, the couple we had been sitting with waiting for her to finish.  She was not quick and Kevin ended up telling her to hang on, he signed my book quickly and apologized again for not getting a chance to talk to us more.

On the way to the car, I told Sully, “Wow, that was just a Kanye moment, huh?”  We both laughed, which is good, it was annoying but just head shaking annoying.

Sully took this pic of ‘the moment’, that’s me in the green, standing by the table we had been sitting at and that brown gift bag is full of our Sausagefest goodies.  The book Kevin is holding is my copy of Tricked that he was in the middle of signing.  At least my hair was looking pretty fabulous.  🙂

My Kanye moment… Ima let you finish…

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