Scratch this…

I got the idea to make my own cardboard scratcher box for the cats off of a pin on Pinterest.  


I really liked the idea, my garage is full of empty cardboard boxes.   As much as I liked the one from Design Sponge, I didn’t have a place for the round scratcher.  Also, my cats are more vertical scratchers than horizontal or ground scratchers.  

We have bunnies that live in a large bunny condo in our great room.  The new kittens have been scratching on a piece of cardboard that I had up to keep hay from falling out of the hay bin and onto the floor.  I thought about buying a scratcher box to hang there but knew that finding the right size to cover the area would be difficult.

After rolling the idea around in my head, I got an idea to make my own boxed scratcher.  I found a box that was the size I needed and I cut it down, like this.


 Then I started cutting strips to line up inside.



I think about 80 strips filled the box, I am not sure how long it took.   I cut out the strips while watching TV in the evenings over a couple of nights.  

I didn’t take any pictures of this part, sorry.  I apologize in advance if my explanation is confusing.  It’s definitely not my intention, I will try to be as clear and concise, as possible.

Then I started gluing the strips using white glue.  One strip at a time, I dotted the glue across and set it on top of another strip.  I did this 2o strips at a time and weighted them down so they would stick together.  While the glue dried I punched some holes in the bottom of the box to run some zip ties through to form loops.  I will use the loops to attach the scratcher box to the side of the Bunny Condo.

 Once the glue was dry then I dotted glue on the bottom of the box and along one of the long sides.  I put one of the stacks up against the side with the glue sliding it against the edge.   I dotted the outside strip and added another stack, I continued that until the box was full.   Using some books I weighted all of the strips down to make sure the strips would be glued in.

I left the box/strips to dry while I cleaned up my little work area.  After that I tested the box and the strips seemed very secure.  I ran some colored duct tape around the edge just to make sure the cats didn’t do some weird Feline Ninja move and take the whole side off.   I added some catnip and shook it down into the corrugated cardboard.  Then, I used twist ties through the loops to attach it to the side of the Bunny condo.

The cats immediately starting scratching on it and seem to love it.  I am sure the catnip didn’t hurt either.

Kit Kat and Pippa, the oldest and youngest of my feline ladies.

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