May Day…

May Day or mayday?

Honestly, I am floating somewhere in between the celebration of spring and send help we’re going down.  

It’s the first day of the month and this is where every month I am supposed to check  how far I have come and regroup for the new month.   The last time I did this was March 1st because on April 1st  I was sitting in a hospice enjoying the company of my father-in-law as he prepared to die.  Talk about April Fool’s Day…

Ok, enough of that.  So, part of March and all of April are a wash.  The good part?  We are sad but we will be ok.  The bad part?  Pretty much everything else.

Looking toward to the month ahead…

Normally, my goals would involve my water intake and fitness.  this month though I need to focus on finding a new sense of normalcy.  Life hasn’t been really normal since May of last year.   I told Faith last week that I am having anxiety that I am forgetting to do something.  I keep checking things to make sure that one thing isn’t the thing I am forgetting.  Last night I had the thought that maybe I am having a hard time adjusting to my own schedule.  I am not having to drive to doctor’s appointments, or for x-rays, MRI’s or various scans.  No physical therapy or dialysis.  

I literally don’t know what to do with myself.  My schedule has been so erratic for so long that I have no clue how to deal with a normal week.  Now before I get too much further, I don’t want this to sound like a poor me thing.  I realize that things could be so much worse and I am truly thankful for the good things in my life.  I realize this is just another challenge that I have to meet.  

I am still in run, run, run mode and I need to slow it down so I can get some stuff done.

My goals for this month –

  • Get back on a schedule (nothing too strict, just a basic structure)
  • Put off the big Spring Cleaning.  (the house will still be here)
  • Get the house under control.  (although the schedule may take care of this one)
  • Make time for something creative (reading, writing, crafting — whatever works)
  • Drink more water  (this isn’t about fitness, it’s about being healthy)
If I happen to eat better or exercise that’s great but one step at a time here.

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