Putting it all together…

I don’t know if I have mentioned my desk before but it’s a continual source of annoyance for me.  I could spend hours sorting and cleaning it then two hours later it will be messy again.  My desk is the destination for everything in the house that has no place or for those items that no one knows what to do with.   Honestly, I am guilty of that myself but I am the least of the offenders.  Right now, I can see a few things that don’t belong, instructions for a toy that was bought recently, Boo’s spelling book, an AT&T  magazine dated August 2011.  That’s probably enough to get my point across.  

Underneath my desk is no different.  I’ve got a set of the plastic drawers on wheels for the basic office stuff like staples, index cards, envelopes, extra pens and pencils.  (And yes, I did stop typing and checked to see what I had in those drawers.)  I also have a stack of unmatched drawers and containers under the other part of my desk.  Those have old writing magazines, notebooks and drafts, some travel information and all the information from the university I went to and what I need to do to finish my degree.  (Yes, I never got my degree, but that’s an entire other blog post.)

The basic gist here is that I was sick of the unmatched containers that I cobbled together for my stuff under the desk.  A few weeks ago, Sully and I had seen an organizational system at Target.  Last night, I got to thinking about that and after pulling the Mother’s Day card I just Sully and Boo to go with me to Target.  I picked up two of the Itso cubes.  

In the picture, you can see the various options for organizing with the cubes, full size bins, shelves and smaller bins, there are even trays and doors that can be added.

I bought two of the tan cubes and decided to add some magazine file boxes to organize the various papers and notebooks.  I found some fairly inexpensive cardboard magazine boxes at Staples.  They came in a pack of four, which was good.  The only problem is that they looked like this.

Totally groovy for a car insurance office in 1976, not so much for my desk that I am trying so hard to pretty up.

I’ve already been to Staples in recent weeks picking up a few things to help with the organization on the top side of my desk.

I decided to decorate the boxes, first I covered them with white contact paper.  Like so…

It was pretty easy, there were a few moments of ‘hey, don’t stick to that’, but overall is was a pretty simple process.  I covered four boxes in all.  

My next step involved file folders from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples.


I cut three of the folders in half along the fold, one of each pattern.  I then cut the pieces into two sections, the first at 4″ wide.  I am not sure if there has been a particular designation on the correct front and back for the magazine holders.  For my purposes, I am calling the full height end as the back and the shorter end the front.  I used one whole strip to decorate the back and then cut a smaller piece for the front.

So, here I have three magazine holders each decorated with a different Martha Stewart print.  I have a fourth holder but didn’t want to repeat the pattern.  Mostly because I didn’t want to have to choose which pattern would be repeated.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on moving my papers and such into the cubes and magazine holders.  I might go back and buy a few more of the magazine holders, so I could have three magazine holders per cube.

Hopefully, there will be some good pictures of the finished project later this week.


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