Nerd alert…

Phoenix Comicon starts today!

We’ve been going to Phoenix Comicon for years, back when they were in Mesa and now in the Phoenix Convention Center.  Last year was great, although the staff was a little cranky.  

I got this groovy T-shirt from the Looking Glass Wars booth.  The tag is autographed by author, Frank Beddor.  The Looking Glass Wars is a trilogy about Alyss of Wonderland, old story, new twist and really awesome.  Check out his books here.




Sully had gotten the Phoenix Comicon VIP membership through Avatar Press.  He got a set of graphic novels, several Phoenix Comicon exclusive comics, a print set, a shot glass and a blanket.  We picked up all of that stuff on our way out.  You would be amazed at how heavy a bunch of graphic novels and comic books can be.  

Tonight, we had a good time.  Registration was quick and easy.  We wandered around and got a good idea of the convention floor.  Tomorrow we will be back to shop and get some autographs.  It should be fun, we are getting autographs from Ed Asner.  Yay!

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