Council of geeks…

Friday at Phoenix Comicon

Look at the awesome art on these badges!




The first thing we did when we got to Phoenix Comicon was go straight to the autograph area to meet Ed Asner.  He signed the cover to “Up” for Sully.  Boo brought the DVD cover for “Elf”, he was very sweet to her.  He said that his favorite aunt had her name, not Boo but her real name. He also told her he could tell she was a good kid, that Santa always knows.  An awesome memory for all of us.


We did some shopping, Sully got some comic books and prints.  Boo and I got some cool Steampunk stuff.   We found these at two booths with artists from Tucson.



I have to thank Sully for both items in the picture.  I stared at the feather fascinator while Boo looked at the red ones and the purple ones.  When Boo picked hers out, Sully added this one too.  That color blue is my favorite.  I found this beautiful pocketwatch, with a rabbit and flowers in the design on the cover.  Sully just leaned toward me and said, “Get it.”  So, I did and it’s so pretty.


 I also got a new print at the Aspen booth.  I honestly couldn’t help myself.  I have no idea where I am going to hang this print.

I had a great conversation with Frank Mastromauro, the president of Aspen Comics.  He was really nice and funny while I looked through the prints.  We talked about how crazy cons can get and he shared some cool stories about fans he has met.  It was pretty cool.  Check out their comics at Aspen Comics.


Frank Mastromauro at the Aspen Booth.



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