Nerd alert…

Phoenix Comicon starts today!

We’ve been going to Phoenix Comicon for years, back when they were in Mesa and now in the Phoenix Convention Center.  Last year was great, although the staff was a little cranky.  

I got this groovy T-shirt from the Looking Glass Wars booth.  The tag is autographed by author, Frank Beddor.  The Looking Glass Wars is a trilogy about Alyss of Wonderland, old story, new twist and really awesome.  Check out his books here.




Sully had gotten the Phoenix Comicon VIP membership through Avatar Press.  He got a set of graphic novels, several Phoenix Comicon exclusive comics, a print set, a shot glass and a blanket.  We picked up all of that stuff on our way out.  You would be amazed at how heavy a bunch of graphic novels and comic books can be.  

Tonight, we had a good time.  Registration was quick and easy.  We wandered around and got a good idea of the convention floor.  Tomorrow we will be back to shop and get some autographs.  It should be fun, we are getting autographs from Ed Asner.  Yay!


Eclipse viewing…

I almost forgot about the solar eclipse this evening.  Luckily I was looking at Twitter, I follow several funny people, and someone mentioned the eclipse.  I looked up the times and realized I had a little over an hour to get prepared.

I did a quick Google search and found this tutorial on how to make your own pinhole projector.  It’s from the Exploratorium, ‘the museum of science, art and human perception’ in San Francisco.  It looks very cool, definitely on my list of things to check out when I eventually get to visit San Francisco.

Here is the projector that I made from a box slightly bigger than a shoe box.

This the top, with the pinhole through the aluminum foil.   The next picture shows the little viewing window.




6:15 pm, Arizona time.


It’s great that you can really see the movement across the dot of light from picture to picture.


At this point, as soon as you walked outside you could tell that something was going on.  The light outside was just a little dimmer than normal.  Very cool but kind of eerie.



This is the last picture.  I went back out at 7:10 but the sun had gone down enough that there wasn’t direct light shining on the box.


Putting it all together…

I don’t know if I have mentioned my desk before but it’s a continual source of annoyance for me.  I could spend hours sorting and cleaning it then two hours later it will be messy again.  My desk is the destination for everything in the house that has no place or for those items that no one knows what to do with.   Honestly, I am guilty of that myself but I am the least of the offenders.  Right now, I can see a few things that don’t belong, instructions for a toy that was bought recently, Boo’s spelling book, an AT&T  magazine dated August 2011.  That’s probably enough to get my point across.  

Underneath my desk is no different.  I’ve got a set of the plastic drawers on wheels for the basic office stuff like staples, index cards, envelopes, extra pens and pencils.  (And yes, I did stop typing and checked to see what I had in those drawers.)  I also have a stack of unmatched drawers and containers under the other part of my desk.  Those have old writing magazines, notebooks and drafts, some travel information and all the information from the university I went to and what I need to do to finish my degree.  (Yes, I never got my degree, but that’s an entire other blog post.)

The basic gist here is that I was sick of the unmatched containers that I cobbled together for my stuff under the desk.  A few weeks ago, Sully and I had seen an organizational system at Target.  Last night, I got to thinking about that and after pulling the Mother’s Day card I just Sully and Boo to go with me to Target.  I picked up two of the Itso cubes.  

In the picture, you can see the various options for organizing with the cubes, full size bins, shelves and smaller bins, there are even trays and doors that can be added.

I bought two of the tan cubes and decided to add some magazine file boxes to organize the various papers and notebooks.  I found some fairly inexpensive cardboard magazine boxes at Staples.  They came in a pack of four, which was good.  The only problem is that they looked like this.

Totally groovy for a car insurance office in 1976, not so much for my desk that I am trying so hard to pretty up.

I’ve already been to Staples in recent weeks picking up a few things to help with the organization on the top side of my desk.

I decided to decorate the boxes, first I covered them with white contact paper.  Like so…

It was pretty easy, there were a few moments of ‘hey, don’t stick to that’, but overall is was a pretty simple process.  I covered four boxes in all.  

My next step involved file folders from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples.


I cut three of the folders in half along the fold, one of each pattern.  I then cut the pieces into two sections, the first at 4″ wide.  I am not sure if there has been a particular designation on the correct front and back for the magazine holders.  For my purposes, I am calling the full height end as the back and the shorter end the front.  I used one whole strip to decorate the back and then cut a smaller piece for the front.

So, here I have three magazine holders each decorated with a different Martha Stewart print.  I have a fourth holder but didn’t want to repeat the pattern.  Mostly because I didn’t want to have to choose which pattern would be repeated.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on moving my papers and such into the cubes and magazine holders.  I might go back and buy a few more of the magazine holders, so I could have three magazine holders per cube.

Hopefully, there will be some good pictures of the finished project later this week.


Porch decor…

Nothing like a little procrastination or it is good things come to those that wait…

Last Spring, I bought this wall art piece.  It was on sale, I had a coupon and I love butterflies.  It was missing a butterfly in the middle and I figured I would fill the space with something.  I just wasn’t sure what.  I hung it on our covered front porch and I like how the sunlight reflects off of the copper.

It’s been a year and I still haven’t filled the space.  Every time Lily comes over she says, “still nothing?”  And I usually say, “Ugh, I know, I just haven’t seen anything that seems like the thing to add.”   I’ve thought about tracing the shape of the butterflies and making a new one out of bright colored paper, or getting one of those butterflies that they use in floral arrangements.

Last week, though we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch with Sully’s mom.  She’s really trying to keep herself moving along, which I think is commendable and a healthy way to go.  After lunch we went into the ‘Old Country Store’ to look around.  I found a really pretty butterfly wind chime and a pretty butterfly plant decoration.

The wind chime looks perfect on the front porch and I had planned on adding the butterfly planter decoration to the butterfly decorations in the master bathroom. It’s our spring time theme, I only have a few more weeks to enjoy it.

This morning I had the butterfly in my hand and was looking around to see where to put it.   We’ve had the butterfly theme in the master bathroom for several years, last year was the first year that we attempted changing the bathroom decor to go with the seasons.  As I looked at the master bath, I was suddenly struck with a fantastic idea.   The idea hit me so suddenly I ran out to the front porch.  I must have startled Sully because he showed up soon after.

The butterfly from the Cracker Barrel hooked right on to the wire that was left at the empty space.  I did a little fine tuning but it really looked good from the beginning, with minimal help from me.

While I was out on the porch I hung up these pieces that I got, on sale, with a coupon and then left leaning by the front door for two months.  They are hanging on the opposite wall of the front porch.  My mother was part Native American, she would have liked these although Kokopelli was her favorite.  I like the designs, Butterfly, Eagle and Thunderbird, and whose house doesn’t need some extra happiness, freedom and everlasting life?



Mixing it up…

Last month, I posted about how I had made my own laundry soap using a mixture of Borax, Washing Soda and a bar of laundry soap.  It’s been over a month and it’s working great, my clothes are cleaner and they smell great.  

So, in my continuing quest to ‘do it myself’ I have found the instructions on how to make my own scrubbing cleanser.  It was originally posted on the Crunchy Betty Blog.  She had instructions for a scrub that used grapefruit.  

Click here for the link to Crunchy Betty’s Grapefruit Scouring Scrub Recipe.  I used the same recipe but I didn’t have grapefruit so I used oranges.   I commandeered Sully’s coffee grinder to powder the orange peels.  

Orange Scouring Scrub Recipe

  • 3 Tbsp dried, powdered orange peels
  • 3 Tbsp borax
  • 5 Tbsp baking soda

Combine everything  in a closed container and shake well to combine it all.  Crunchy Betty recommends something with holes like an old grated parmesan container or spice shaker.   Crunchy Betty also has the reminder to be sure to rinse the scrub off well with a clean, wet sponge.

I tested it on my bathtub, it did a really good job and the oranges smelled great.