Shaking it…

I am so happy to be belly dancing again.  I need to find a class to take after I finish the episodes of Shimmy.   Maybe that can be a reward for one of my challenges.   I’ve been wanting a belly dance workout outfit from MissBellydance.com for a long time.  I think I have already mentioned that months ago.   When I finish this 21 day challenge I think I will reward myself with the outfit I want.

I really enjoy belly dancing, the movement is something that seems to come naturally to me.  Don’t get me wrong, there are moves that take me a while to figure out and even some that I can only do slowly and then completely fail at when sped up.  I am hoping I will be able to pick up those moves as I dance through the other episodes.  Either way, I am really enjoying the workouts.  I don’t know if it’s just the physical benefits or that I am actually enjoying doing some stuff for me.

Day 2

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 2 (Egyptian step, hip circles, Turkish figure eight)

3.  Writing  –  Brainstorming session about mystery storyline

4.  Exercises Arms workout/stretching

5.  Project –  Backyard – raking (15 minutes)


Good habits…

I wrote back in February about how there is a lot of talk that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  You can Google “21 days to form a habit” and get a few dozen results.

In fact, I found this, MamaJenn has a great blogpost about using the 21 days to change your life.  She created a lovely printable to help you keep track.

Mamajenn’s printable –  21 Days to Becoming {Habit Forming Printable}


 I’ve thought about my June +1 activities and came up with five things that are important and that I really need to work on.  I’ve got 21 days to make them habits. If I make it through the 21 days having done all five things everyday then I am going to reward myself with something nifty*.  

 Here is my list…

 1.  Drink 3 – 24 oz. tumblers of water EVERY day.

2.  Watch and dance/exercise to an episode of Shimmy, EVERY day.

3.  Write, edit or plan, but work on my writing, EVERY day.  (See the recurring theme?)

4.  Keep up with the weight and strength exercises, EVERY day.

 5. 15 minute project – set timer do as much as I can in 15 minutes.  EVERY day.

Everyday I will report on my daily results.  I’ll keep track of the day and progress below the “21 Days for Me!” banner.   I think I have picked the right combination of activities, health, fitness, personal, and household stuff.  It’s the usual stuff I have to deal with every day, this is more manageable.  I’ve got a plan, now it’s time to get started.

*To be determined later.

Day 1

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 1  

3.  Writing  –  Outlining

4.  Exercises – Abs/leg workout

5.  Project –  Craft room (15 minute timer)


***** I had a difficult time getting the Shimmy DVD to play.  I didn’t give up though and found a solution.  Yay me!


Looking at the plusses…

I’ve spent June working on finding things to do for myself.  It’s been good, I’ve learned that I can work taking care of myself into my day.  I’ve seen how the stretching and exercising has made me feel healthier and more in control of how I feel day to day.  One of the really important things I learned though, is that I really do need to drink more water, it makes me feel more energenic on a daily basis.

So, as June comes to a close I have been looking for a way to use what I learned.  I decided to make up a new challenge using the 21 days to form a habit idea.  I am calling it “21 Days for Me!”

Tomorrow will mark 21 days until my vacation and I am hoping to spend that time wisely.  I haven’t quite decided what I am going to work on, I’ve got some good stuff from June to think about though.  It all starts tomorrow, wish me luck!


Trying to keep up…

On any given day there are fifty two things that need to be done around my house.  There’s the basic maintenance type of stuff like washing dishes, sweeping and straightening.  The not-everyday jobs like cleaning the ceiling fans and baseboards, that I am supposed to do monthly that I tend to really only do when I notice how really awful they look.  I also have projects that need to be done like finish organizing the patterns, sort the book of warranties, put hooks up to hang a plant, spray Scotchgard on the area rugs and the list goes on.  One step further and you have craft projects like sewing and scrapbooking or the construction projects like bookshelves and aquarium stands.  And don’t even talk to me about the garage and backyard.  It’s no wonder that when I look at what needs to be done I get a little dizzy.

It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed, some days it’s easier to walk away than to figure out where to start.  Most days I know that I need to start off with the basic straightening stuff.  Other days it’s more difficult because I know that if I had that shelf built the stuff I am straightening could go up there or if that plant was hung on a hook I would have that space.  On those days, I try to concentrate on what I am working on.

A few weeks ago I was working on my desk, the Bermuda Triangle of my house.  If something can’t be found you might as well start looking on my desk because 9 times out of 10 that’s where someone left it.  There was a lot of things that didn’t belong on my desk or even in the room.  Early in the cleaning of said desk I started out of the room with a few things and immediately stopped.  From where I was standing I could see the laundry room, the kitchen, Boo’s room and all of the things in between that needed to be done.  Out loud, I said, “Nope,” and sat the stack of stuff down on the bookshelf.  If I went any farther I would stop and do a little in the kitchen or mess with things in the laundry room.  The desk wouldn’t get finished and I probably wouldn’t make any real dent in the kitchen or laundry room.  I stuck with that and got my desk really and truly organized.  After I was done with the desk then I went out and took all of the extraneous items where they needed to go.  My desk still looks pretty good, even with the Garfield sized cat that takes up half my space.

Love those beautiful golden eyes!

Garfield sized…








At least now I have a plan of attack, straighten the house each day.  When I am ready to deal with a bigger area, clean the crap out of that one area and move on.  Of course, that’s how the ‘multipurpose room’ got in the shambles that it’s in now.  There are so many things that got left in there because we don’t know where to put them.  There were a few things from the bedroom that really didn’t have a place and set them in a small plastic container.  I figure if I keep doing that eventually we will have a larger plastic container that keeps getting floating from room to room looking for refuge.  Sully will tell me to throw it until I show him something of his in the container.  He hasn’t found a place for it yet but he doesn’t want me to throw it away either.  So, the container continues to float.

I have my plan of attack and the knowledge that some items won’t have a place right now.  Maybe I can pick one thing out of the container each day and find it’s place…hmmm, I might be on to something there.

My June +1 for today was adding more reps to my arm exercises.  I am up to two sets of 12 with 5 pound weights.  I started slow and easy so that I can build on it and keep going.

No more chaos…

I read once that disorder invites chaos into your life.  All that clutter in your house?  It can bring disorder and negative energy into your home.

I can see that, although I kind of think a lot of the negative energy comes from me and my frustration.  Or more likely that I am just channeling the negative energy and it’s causing me stress and frustration.  I can deal with that on two fronts.  It’s probably best if I start with centering myself mentally so I can deal with things calmly and efficiently.  The second part, get a handle on the clutter.

When I really think about it, this is just one more step of moving forward.  I am working on a plan, it’s a day by day, room by room kind of thing that will get me on the road to a calmer life.  I would be happy with a few days of calm.

June+1My June +1 for today is realizing what I can do each day and not pushing myself past that point.



Fun in the sun…

Today is all about the pool.

I should have gotten up earlier but it was 9:00 by the time I got myself into the backyard.  I had my leveling board, level, tape measure and shovels all ready.  I measured the area found the center and started leveling from there.  I got half way around and realized that I needed to start over.  I remeasured, looked at my area and moved the center to a more level part of the yard.  After an hour or so and several breaks I got the yard pretty level.

No that’s not us, but I always get a kick of how cheesy the stock photos look.

We ran some errands around lunchtime, watched the Olympic trials for diving and then prepared to get the pool up and running.  We went back out around 3:00, give or take a few minutes and starting putting water in the pool around 3:45.  The pool was mostly filled by about 6:30.

We swam and relaxed between about 5:00 and 7:00.  It was a bit of work but definitely worth it.  Boo had a great time and Sully really enjoyed being in the pool.

I was back to being excited.  I feel like this summer we are able to give Boo some of those things we weren’t able to do before.

June+1 My June +1 for today is working in the yard.  One of the selling points for getting the pool is the fact that I knew it would make us want to work on the yard.


Blame me…

It really is my fault.

This week was all about getting through the WTF moments that kept cropping up.  I told myself don’t start anything new, work on finishing stuff I already started.  In that regard, I had a fabulous week, a few things got done including the photos and frames.  I had the same basic plan going into the weekend.   Work on finishing stuff around the house and don’t start anything new.

The only problem with that plan is that I appear to lack the ability to stay focused.

Friday in the midst of the car breaking down drama and talking to Boo about going swimming with Aunt Lily another day we discussed swimming pools.  I sarcastically asked Sully how much a pool would cost.   He took me seriously for a moment and then we were interrupted by the car stuff again.  Later that night I thought about it again and wondered why we couldn’t get a small above ground pool.   I grew up with them and spent all day everyday during the summer either in the pool or around it.  My parents took great care of the pool, my dad even built a deck on one side so people could sit and relax on the side or just stick their feet in.  He made gates to cover the underneath part so we could use it for storage.  It was pretty cool.

When we got home Friday night, I suggested it to Sully.  We talked briefly before Boo wandered in babbling about something.  I wake up this morning and all I can think of it getting a pool.  A little online research and I find that the smaller pools are around $100.  I finally corner Sully and he’s totally for it.  OMG, I am so excited, like I am about to cry excited, so completely ridiculous.  We  picked up the pool Saturday afternoon, ran some other errands and then came home to eat dinner.

After dinner, I was thinking about what needed to be done to get the pool installed and looked at the house.  Oy!  I did it again!  I have all of this stuff to do in the house and I started another damn project.  My irritation pretty much snuffed out my excitement over the pool.  Blerg…

This next week I have to, have to, HAVE TO get some of this stuff done and taken care of, or I am going to just go nuts.  Seriously, have to get it done.

June+1My June +1 for today will be a recap of how things went this last week.  Oddly enough, I did pretty well last week.  Physically, I was full on with my arm/leg workouts and stretching.  Mentally, I am still reading daily, I took a nap one day and over all I am taking better care of myself.  I need to write more but I am thinking about it everyday, which is a step in the right direction.  This week, I need to do a better job drinking water and eating healthy but all in all I am looking at last week as a positive.