Best laid plans…

I woke up this morning with an awful allergy headache.  I took ibuprofen and allergy medicine as soon as I got up but it still took several hours to get rid of the headache completely.  I had great plans to get a lot done today but moving around really wasn’t an option.

So faced with the fact that reorganizing the garage was not going to happen I decided to turn towards my writing.  My work-in-progress is my NaNo project from November 2010, titled ‘Above the Water’.  I finished the rough draft and got a proof copy and now it’s time for rewrites, actually past time for rewrites.  

Camp NaNo started on Friday and I am having a slow start.   I wrote ‘Above the Water’ using the program called yWriter.  I like that program and how it separates things into chapters and scenes but it’s missing some features that I would like to utilize.  I looked at Liquid Story Binder and I really like how it looks.  I downloaded it in January, it’s very complicated and not really all that conducive for learning as you go.  I even toyed with Scrivener back in February and I like that it is similar to yWriter in it’s simplicity but I was having a hard time with the actual writing within Scrivener.  This dilemma over writing programs helped me to continue procrastinating.  There was also the problem with moving files around on my computer, some of which are still missing.  So, anyway, here we are at the beginning of June and I am no closer to editing my WIP.  

Friday night, I finally opened a new project in Liquid Story Binder and transferred the first chapter from yWriter.  The chapter needs to be rewritten, it starts out too slow, there’s too much information being dumped.  I need to go back and get the story moving from the beginning.  The backstory info needs to be spaced out over time, we don’t need to know absolutely everything in the first chapter.

I worked on the first chapter on Saturday night, rewriting the opening scene but I was not happy with it at all.  My immediate thought is a quote from the first Spiderman movie, I need to take the whole thing “back to formula.”  I’ve decided that I need to sit down and read chapter one all the way through.  Then go back and make changes.  In fact, I think I will print the pages out and actually go through it and make corrections and notes on the page.  It’s the way Stephen King does it, and I am thinking he might know what he’s talking about.  Ha!


My June +1 for today is that I drank 2 – 24oz tumblers of water.  
At least the day wasn’t a total loss.  🙂

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