Great minds…

I’ve mentioned this before but late last year someone asked me how we were doing.  I answered simply, “we’re ok, just concentrating on moving forward.”  It wasn’t a comment that I thought about much before saying it but after that I have kind of kept it with me.  It’s popped up here in my posts a few times too.  I have to say it’s been helpful as things have gotten rough, I think about moving forward, like wading across a stream.  If you keep moving towards the other side then the current is less likely to knock you down.  When it’s really rough you get knocked down and the current pulls you downstream, you just have to get back up and keep moving forward.

My lovely niece, I will call her Ariel asked me if I had seen the Disney film ‘Meet the Robinsons’.  I had, of course, seen it, we are big Disney fans here.  She pointed out that the big phrase in the movie was ‘keep moving forward’.  I had completely forgotten, or maybe I hadn’t and it just stuck in my head without me realizing it.  

Yesterday while I was recovering from my headache I suggested we watch ‘Meet the Robinsons’.  Boo was working on some stuff and so was Sully, I figured we could all move in and out during the movie without missing much.



The frogs are awesome!


We enjoyed the nod to Tomorrowland and seeing the animated versions of the Space Mountain building and the rocket.


Lewis showing his invention to some very special people.



And some words to live by… 

My June +1 for today is that I am back to tracking
my food on Lose it!

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