Getting worse…

before it gets better…

Oy, I have made a holy mess of the third bedroom.  It’s already cramped in there, it should be called the multipurpose room.  It’s part hobby room, school room and craft room.  I’ll call it the craft room though to make it easier.

There are two walls that are covered with bookcases.  Those bookcases have Sully’s collectibles and family games.  The third wall has one bookshelf and large window, Boo’s desk for school is in front of the window.
 Between the window and the 
 fourth wall is a smaller bookshelf, that is my shelf.

The fourth wall is the bedroom closet and the door into the hall.  both bedroom doors are on an angle, which is nice and  unique for the bedrooms and the hall.
I took the doors off of the closet several years ago and put in shelves for my craft stuff.  It’s nice to have a place for my stuff, but it’s hard to get to and my scrapbook stuff is all over the place.  
My sewing stuff wasn’t even in the bedroom.  I had my sewing machine and a craftstore container full of thread, buttons and all of that other stuff on a shelf in the laundry room.  

Sully’s mom got this cart and I immediately wanted it.  I found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond online.  I went into the store used a coupon and got free shipping.  You have to ask if they can waive the shipping, so far I have been lucky.  I saved about $10 but had to wait over a week to get it.  

It was worth the wait, I love it.  My Cricut Expression fits perfectly on top.  I have all of my sewing accessories on the left side with my Cricut cartridges and accessories on the right side.  

I liked the craft cart so much that I decided I needed to have the scrapbook cart too.  I got this one straight off of Amazon.  I looked on other sites for discounts or coupons but Amazon had the best deal when price/shipping/time were compared.

The scrapbook cart is great too.  My small photoprinter fits perfectly on top and I have organized a lot of paper in the drawers.
My problem then became where do I put them.  I hadn’t really thought of it.  I knew I’d have to find a place for them but kind of ignored that because I really wanted both carts.
The craft room is already suffering, not only is it cramped from the hobby/school/craft uses but it’s housing a lot of the things that don’t have another place in the house.   A lot of them are recent items that we’ve brought home from Sully’s mom’s, some of it we’ve put away and others we just don’t really know what to do with.   Some of it we just aren’t ready to deal with, that’s ok but I need to find a better place to store things.
I made the bold decision to put the carts where I wanted them in the room.  It created more clutter in the room as I just moved stuff out of the way of the carts but it seemed better than cleaning up the room just to have to move things a second time.  There is room now on shelf under my desk where the Cricut and photoprinter were kept.  There will also be room in the closet where I kept the scrapbook paper that is now in the drawers.
Now is the part where I go in and move a few things around until I get stuck.  I will leave to go do something else, check on laundry, have a snack, whatever.  Later, I will come back in and just stare at the room.  Sully will come in and stare where I am staring and then whisper, ‘What are we looking at?’   We both leave and then when I am doing something mindless I will come up with a great idea.
It’s like Sheldon* trying to figure out how electrons move through a graphene sheet. Menial labor is the only way to let your brain figure out complex problems. And I can hear Sheldon asking, “Are you comparing your messy room with understanding particle physics?”
Hopefully, I can get in there to stare tomorrow.
*Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory
My June +1 for today will be a recap of how things went this last week.
I stretched for three days in a row and then nothing, but I did think about it everyday.  I’ve been pretty good about the water but I need to plan better to get all three 24 oz tumblers in before 9PM.   Taking the time for myself to read has been going well.  So, still working on stretching and free weights.  Only good times ahead.  🙂



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