Persistence pays…

We’ve been talking, Sully and I, about going on vacation this summer.   We’ve talked a lot about going but didn’t really talk about dates until early this week.

Last year, we went to San Diego, we spent almost a week enjoying the weather and camping out at my brother’s house.  We didn’t really camp out, we had a room at a nearby hotel but we were at my brother’s house a lot.  We had spent the summer driving back and forth between the hospital and rehab with Sully’s dad and we were worn out.  We had cancelled a trip planned for June and Sully’s mom, who needed the vacation more than we did, wanted us to go.  We went in August which is pretty late for us but it was perfect.  Something we could look forward to and by the time we got back the Arizona humidity was down to a reasonable level.  Yes, I know Arizona humidity is nothing compared to other places but high humidity combined with 118 degree temperatures is just miserable.

We spent a lot of time just sitting at my brother’s kitchen table talking with my nieces and nephew, my brother and sister (in law).  We needed a family recharge, apparently, we didn’t know it when we went out there but the whole family was lovely and never once said, ‘oh my god, are you still here?’

So, back to this year…

We had been talking vaguely about going back to San Diego in August.  Last year we went the first weekend of August and were thinking the same idea this year.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  

So, Sunday night after everyone has gone to bed, and past the time I should be in bed, I am sitting on my bed with my iPad looking at the calendar for dates for our vacation.  I go online with the intention of checking out hotel rates when I see an ad with a tiny logo of the Olympic rings and I think, ‘hmmm, the Summer Olympics are coming up, when is that again?’  Oh, yeah, July 27th through August 12th, I think we will be changing our vacation dates.  

This may sound strange but we love the Olympics.  Any one that knows us, knows that we are self proclaimed dorks about a lot of things.  The Olympics is definitely on that list.

Monday morning I say to Sully, who was working from home, “We need to change our dates for our trip to San Diego.”  He gives me a look like ‘yeah, whatever, crazy lady.’  I countered with, “The Olympics start July 27th and go through August 12th.”  

He immediately said, “We need to change our dates for our trip to San Diego,” and turned back to his desk.  Oy, thanks, Honey.  🙂

Sunday night I checked out the hotel we stayed at last year and looked at the rates for the days I thought we might be there.  Sully was asleep so I had no idea what dates he had in mind or could get days off from work.  I saved the information for when I talked to Sully the next day.  We compared calendars and my dates were off by a day, I had us leaving on Saturday and we decided Friday, same amount of days so coming home Wednesday instead of Thursday.  Sully puts in a vacation request and I check the hotel and the rates from the night before have gone up $15.  Seriously?  I was going to book the dates right then even with the higher price but it annoyed me so I didn’t.  

We discussed the trip some more and now we are going to Disneyland for a day or so.    Then the discussion turned to driving back and forth to San Diego or stay in Anaheim for that night.  Tuesday, I looked for hotels in Anaheim for the one night, our regular hotel was a bit too much and even more so when you added parking or shuttle tickets.  I looked at hotels right on Harbor Blvd so we could walk back and forth and found a pretty good rate.  

Meanwhile, Sully emails me that his vacation request was approved.  Yay!  I go back to the San Diego hotel website to make our reservations and the rates have gone up another $10.  OMG… now I am really annoyed.  I make the reservations for the whole time even the day in Anaheim just so they are saved. 

I email Sully to let him know I reserved the room and that I am annoyed.  I, also mention I am looking around at other options.  The hotel chain in San Diego is the same one that was too expensive in Anaheim, we are even members of their travel program.   I tried calling the hotel chain and was told, unapologetically, that  they couldn’t give me a better rate.  Telling me that I waited too long to book a room at this time of the year did not make it better.

A few years ago we stayed at a hotel that was farther north but close to the beach.   I checked their website, good news and bad news.  The good news is that they have a much lower rate, the bad news is that you have to pre-pay to get that rate and there are no refunds if  you cancel or change your dates.  No refunds?  I didn’t know places did that.  Sully told me to book it anyway, but the no refund thing makes me nervous.  It’s just asking for something to happen.

I searched all over the internet, through Priceline, Expedia, and a few others places I’ve already forgotten.  This evening I remembered that Sully’s work is affiliated with a discount travel website.   After a bit of digging and searching, I found the same rate at the same hotel without the prepay and with reasonable cancellation times.  I promptly booked our reservations in San Diego, then booked our reservations for Anaheim and our vacation is set.  Of course, I still need to cancel the previously booked reservations for the hotel with expensive rate.  Idiots lost two different reservations.

Sully was quite impressed with my resourcefulness and tenacity.  Of course, I do this every year, I spend hours and hours doing research to save us money.  After all, I’d rather spend money on fun stuff than on parking or the hotel.

June+1My June +1 for today is doing push ups and sit ups.  
I think I will start with five or each and go from there.



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