That’s Jenga…

I had a truly fabulous Friday.

The morning started out poorly, our scheduled swim at Aunt Lily’s didn’t happen.  We got to Aunt Lily’s and the pool was all locked up, a mix up with the community manager and it’s all worked out now.  We weren’t happy though, Boo wanted to practice and I wanted to finally get into the water after watching swim lessons all week.  It was good to see Lily and we have rescheduled for Tuesday.  Yay!

We went home to change and take care of the critters, then headed out again.  This time we were off to Build A Bear, to get the new Minnie Mouse bear.  I had gotten a rewards certificate worth $10 plus a $12 off coupon for a new bear plus Boo still had her $25 gift card that we forgot to use the last two times we were there.  Oy!

We love Build A Bear and we love the store that is close to us.  We are in there so often that the employees recognize us.  It used to embarrass me but they are really nice to Boo and we get great service.  Minne the Bear is for all of us, adding to our super cute Disney collection.

Next was lunch with Gramma and Sully at Joe’s Crab Shack, it was a bit of an early Father’s Day celebration.*   Lunch was fabulous, good food, great conversation and wonderful company.  After lunch, Sully had to go back to the office while Boo, Gramma and I shopped at Michael’s, I spent too much money but we had fun.   The three of us girls went back and hung out watching funny stuff on TV.

Sully joined us after work, we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Gramma.  It was all cold food that she had prepared the day before and it was a great meal to have on hot day, 108 degrees.

After dinner, we watched the movie ‘Paul’ with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  It was ridiculously funny.  Kristin Wiig was hilarious and her exuberant attempt to use swear words cracked me up.  Seth Rogen was the voice of Paul and it was a wonderful choice, perfect all around.   As you know, Sully and I are self proclaimed nerds and we got all of the wonderful nerdy humor.  I am not surprised though, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ another Simon Pegg /Nick Frost selection is one of my favorite zombie movies.  We watched it twice during our Halloween movie viewing last October.  I told Sully about twenty minutes into the movie, “We need to own this on blu ray.”

All in all a fabulous day.  🙂

June+1My June +1 for today was leg exercises, no weights right now but I have some ankle weights I can add maybe next week.

*Kind of unspoken, as we are all still adjusting to life with out Papa.  Sully is holding up well but I know most of it is a facade.  All I can do is be there, give hugs and let him know we will get through this.  We did with my dad, it’s bloody awful but we will make it.



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