Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…

Boo and I were up early to go to Aunt Lily’s to swim again.

Sully left for work and about twenty minutes later I got a call from him that he was pulling off of the freeway.  His car had broken down again, seriously?  Boo and I got dressed in a hurry and took care of the critters so that we could go rescue Sully.  Just before we left he called back to say that he thought it was just a flat tire, so we could hold off on the tow truck.

He was right it was just a flat tire but we still had to call a tow truck because we couldn’t get the lug nuts to budge.  Luckily, Sully had pulled off the road about a mile from his mom’s house.  We were able to go there to coordinate the tow truck and repairs.

It’s Friday, so Boo and I were already going to be going to lunch and spending the day with Gramma, it was just going to be after swimming, not instead of.  We spent the day hanging out and watching TV, we caught up on a few shows and watched a movie.  Overall, it was a nice time.

Boo told me that she thought going to Aunt Lily’s to swim was jinxed.  I will have to figure out a way of fixing that impression.  I spent most of the day feeling stressed and frustrated.  It’s just been one of those weeks.   I need to work on that too.

June+1My June +1 for today was nodding and smiling.  It’s not much but coping with a stressful situation is a good thing.  I have accepted that sometimes all you can do is nod and smile.



Crafty fun…

Over the weekend I finally remembered to talk to Sully about looking through pictures.  Several years ago we bought three sets of frames, each set had one 8×10, one 5×7, two 4×6 frames and two 3×5 frames.  We had them up for a few years and then took them down a couple of years ago when we were redecorating.  I had planned on changing out the pictures and rehanging them but I wasn’t sure where.

After Christmas, I suggested a spot in the great room where we had some 10×13 potraits of Boo from when she younger.  Sully agreed that the frame sets would look good there.  I’ve  been tripping over the frames since then and I was determined to get it done this week.  Sully and I looked through our photos, picking from our trips to Disneyland.

Most of our photos are digital so I got my groovy photo printer out.  It’s an HP Photosmart A826, and it prints 4×6 and 5 x 7 photos, holiday cards, wallet-size photos and panoramas .  I got it for Christmas a few years ago and haven’t used it much.  It was fun to finally get to use it.

You can plug it into your computer, use memory cards or a USB drive to access your photos.  I did see a blue tooth section in the settings, I need to check it out.

I framed the photos over the weekend while we watched funny movies.  Sully and I had picked out photos for the smaller frames but we weren’t sure what to put in the  8×10 frames.  I came across pictures we took at the Disneyland Hotel in 2008.

There is a large Mickey Mouse statue outside and we each took a picture of us sitting between his feet.  I had shown them to Sully and he had said that we should get a collage frame or something nifty for them.

I thought of something nifty.  We each picked out an additional photo to go with our Mickey statue picture.  I used scrapbook paper and my Cricut to make pages for the 8×10 frames.

This set of frames didn’t have hangers on the back, they have the backing with the stand.  I decided to try using the 3M Command velcro-like hanging strips.   I want to say I was pleasantly surprised by how easy hanging the frames but I can’t.  That’s only because I already love the 3M Command products and would have been shocked if they didn’t work.

I need to do some basic adjusting to get everything level but I think it looks good.



I used my Cricut to make this.  I hung it with our 8×10’s with the scrapbook pages.

Sully had this divided frame from work and I thought it would be perfect for my Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse art.




It was my test run for the one I wanted to use for the front plate on my mom van.  About a month ago I ordered a plain white license plate on Amazon for less than $4 including shipping.  I used my Cricut and cut the shapes out of vinyl.  I just peeled off the backing and smoothed them out.




*** Update***  New Disneyland License frame!


June+1My June +1 is that I took a nap today.  I listened to my body and actually took the time to  relax and nap.



Celebrating summer…


As the sun spirals its longest dance,
Cleanse us
As nature shows bounty and fertility
Bless us
Let all things live with loving intent
And to fulfill their truest destiny

Wiccan blessing for Summer


 It’s difficult in Arizona to celebrate the summer, at least for me.  I have a hard time with the temperatures over 110 degrees.  I can stand them, function in them but it’s not my favorite thing.  I’ve already mentioned my other issues in a previous post.  What I have discovered though is that I do pretty well if I have something to look forward to.  This year it’s the trip to San Diego next month.  I am very excited and really looking forward to cooler weather, time at the beach and time with Boo and Sully.

I hope everyone has something to look forward to this summer.


June+1My June +1 for today was enjoying the summer weather.  I sat at Boo’s swim class watching her in the water and really enjoyed the moment.



Do over…

I want a do over for today, but I won’t get it and that sucks.

This morning our dog, Cooper died, it was sudden and unexpected, and we are heartbroken over it.   He was a sweet, black Labrador with a bum leg that we rescued as a puppy.

Cooper didn’t eat the night before and seemed a little tired.  It had been hot and I thought perhaps he was overheated.  We game him a bath to cool him down and then let him dry off and snooze on the tile in Boo’s bathroom.  The next morning I went in to check on him he was still on the floor but in a different position.  I got something to drink, booted up my computer and went to feed the dogs.  I walked down the hall and saw that Cooper was all laid out, and he was gone.  

I feel guilty that I didn’t do more.  I feel guilty that he died alone in the bathroom. I just had no idea.  I was very grateful that Boo was still asleep.  I was able to move Cooper and clean up the bathroom before she got up.  Sully came home from the office to help Boo and I deal with it all.  He dealt with the vet and transport.  He was really sweet and took good care of us, even though I was resisting the help.

Unfortunately, we were already dealing with the fact that  today, would have been Sully’s dad’s 60th birthday.  I shared that with Lily and she thought that maybe Papa had decided he wanted a dog for his birthday.  It made me feel a little bit better to think that maybe Cooper went fishing with Papa in the happy hereafter.

Our original plan for the day had been to go to Aunt Lily’s after swim class for lunch and swimming at her community pool.  Yet another swim opportunity messed up by circumstances.  Boo was already upset and I was torn, was it appropriate to go swimming after the loss of a pet?  It sounds silly but if we think of these guys as part of our family what’s the protocol here?  Sully finally saved the day and told me to take Boo over to Aunt Lily’s.  After everything this year with his dad he thought it would be a good idea.  She could get away from the house, do something physical and have some fun.

I agreed but the hard part was leaving Sully behind.  He had come home from the office but was working the rest of the day from home.  I don’t normally go out when  he’s home, we are kind of sappy about spending time together.  Plus, the added emotion of it being his dad’s birthday.  He encouraged us to go and I am happy that he did.  We had a nice time.  Boo swam and practiced what she has been learning at Swim class and we both got to have an afternoon off from thinking about all of the not fun stuff.

June+1My June +1 for today was taking the afternoon off.  I seldom do that and I realize it’s something that I need to do more regularly, not just when something awful has happened.

A little luck…

…can go a long way.

Sunday night I gave Faith a big pep talk peppered with many pictures of Johnny Depp.  Every time she mentioned being nervous about the surgery I would send a picture of Johnny Depp.  It made her laugh.  I figured by the time she went to the hospital that every time she heard someone say surgery she would think ‘hey!  Johnny Depp.’

She had surgery this morning on her back and last night she was seriously nervous, naturally.  Surgery went well and she is well on her way to a  full recovery.

Here’s the deal, I sent a lot of luck to Faith, for her to be calm, not scared and of course for the surgery to go well.  Judging on the beginning of my day, it seems that I sent all of my luck to her.

I started out the day knowing that I had a bunch to do right off.  The bunnies needed hay which meant that I had to gather together the plastic containers that I use for storing the hay.  I also had to clean out my van so that the containers could be put in the back.   I also needed to set up the portable A/C unit in the garage for the dogs in the afternoon.  None of these jobs are complicated, tedious and annoying, if not a bit time consuming.

So, where’s the hay, Mom?

I got the hay containers gathered and the van cleaned out.  The plan was to go get the hay after Boo’s swim lesson.  I wasn’t thrilled about being outside at noon packing a bale of hay into plastic containers but you do what needs to be done, right?  After swim class we went down to the feed store, no Timothy hay.  Hopefully, they will have it this weekend, otherwise not until the following weekend.  Seriously not happy.

There’s a feed store about 15 miles away but I was really not in the mood to drive that far in 114 degree heat.  Maybe I’ll go Wednesday morning to pick it up or see if I can’t wait for the weekend.  In the meantime, I can pick up bags of hay at Petsmart.

It’s great that I have that option but, of course, that means I have to go out again today to get hay.  It’s annoying it messes up my day, if I have I errands to run I like getting them over and done with.  That way afterwards I can go home and get work done around the house.  There’s always some project that I am working on.

So, the hay situation was resolved and now it was time to deal with the portable A/C unit in the garage.  During the winter, I store the rolling unit covered in the box it came in.  It’s more of a sleeve really, no bottom, no top but it protects it during storage.  I made a top for the box and use the space over it for storing wicker baskets and other lightweight items during cooler temperatures. 

 So, of course, all of that needed to be moved.  It doesn’t really matter that I don’t have a spot for any of it.  My garage is still a mess from Christmas, another source of frustration.  The Christmas decorations are all put away, for the most part, I did come across a stray box of stuff, I am hoping I can just stack it with the other Christmas boxes without having to shift too much.

Anyway, back to the A/C unit, I moved everything around, uncovered the unit hooked up the vent hose and then spent about two hours looking for the heavy duty extension cord that we bought specifically for the A/C unit.   I looked in all of the places that I normally would keep an extension cord and then just kept looking.  I finally gave up, I found another extension cord and was pleased that it didn’t trip the breaker for the garage.

***Update***  I actually found the heavy duty extension cord in the same area that I keep the rabbit hay.  No idea why it was there but I never would have found it if we hadn’t been out of hay.  Weird.

June+1My June +1 today was making a to do list for this week that’s all about taking better care of me.



Father’s Day…

Today was pretty low key.  

We started out with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, ‘Zombie Nightmare’.  

It was an awesomely awful movie with Adam West and Tia Carrere, other notables included writer John Fasano and director Shawn Levy.  

Of course, the MST3K commentary is the best part, and as usual, was hilarious.

Next, we watched several episodes of ‘Punkin Chunkin’.  It was nice to see Zach Selwyn hosting, Sully and I remember seeing him on the gaming channel, G4.  

The machines that the guys build for these competitions are incredible.  Although the centrifugal ones look really unsafe, I can’t help but think that at those speeds it could be crazy dangerous if there is a mechanical failure.

Our dinner selection was Sully’s favorite…drum roll please…


Sully’s favorite scene, “Oh Baxter!”

My favorite scene, “Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!”

June+1My June +1 for today was doing something creative.  We are rehanging some picture frames and I spent some time looking through photos.  I also made some cute scrapbook type pages to put in the 8×10 frames.  It was fun and I can’t wait to see the wall after the frames are hung up.



That’s Jenga…

I had a truly fabulous Friday.

The morning started out poorly, our scheduled swim at Aunt Lily’s didn’t happen.  We got to Aunt Lily’s and the pool was all locked up, a mix up with the community manager and it’s all worked out now.  We weren’t happy though, Boo wanted to practice and I wanted to finally get into the water after watching swim lessons all week.  It was good to see Lily and we have rescheduled for Tuesday.  Yay!

We went home to change and take care of the critters, then headed out again.  This time we were off to Build A Bear, to get the new Minnie Mouse bear.  I had gotten a rewards certificate worth $10 plus a $12 off coupon for a new bear plus Boo still had her $25 gift card that we forgot to use the last two times we were there.  Oy!

We love Build A Bear and we love the store that is close to us.  We are in there so often that the employees recognize us.  It used to embarrass me but they are really nice to Boo and we get great service.  Minne the Bear is for all of us, adding to our super cute Disney collection.

Next was lunch with Gramma and Sully at Joe’s Crab Shack, it was a bit of an early Father’s Day celebration.*   Lunch was fabulous, good food, great conversation and wonderful company.  After lunch, Sully had to go back to the office while Boo, Gramma and I shopped at Michael’s, I spent too much money but we had fun.   The three of us girls went back and hung out watching funny stuff on TV.

Sully joined us after work, we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Gramma.  It was all cold food that she had prepared the day before and it was a great meal to have on hot day, 108 degrees.

After dinner, we watched the movie ‘Paul’ with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  It was ridiculously funny.  Kristin Wiig was hilarious and her exuberant attempt to use swear words cracked me up.  Seth Rogen was the voice of Paul and it was a wonderful choice, perfect all around.   As you know, Sully and I are self proclaimed nerds and we got all of the wonderful nerdy humor.  I am not surprised though, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ another Simon Pegg /Nick Frost selection is one of my favorite zombie movies.  We watched it twice during our Halloween movie viewing last October.  I told Sully about twenty minutes into the movie, “We need to own this on blu ray.”

All in all a fabulous day.  🙂

June+1My June +1 for today was leg exercises, no weights right now but I have some ankle weights I can add maybe next week.

*Kind of unspoken, as we are all still adjusting to life with out Papa.  Sully is holding up well but I know most of it is a facade.  All I can do is be there, give hugs and let him know we will get through this.  We did with my dad, it’s bloody awful but we will make it.