Learning as I go…

Ok, so this was my last day of my 21 day challenge.  Overall, I think I did pretty well.  I stayed with everything pretty solidly the first two weeks, faltering after that due to some other issues.  All in all, I think I did pretty well and I lost 4.5 pounds.  Yay me!  My reward is to get another ear piercing.  I have three piercings in my left ear and only one in the right.  I want one more on the right side.  In the top piercing in my left ear I wear a special earring that Sully got me, he actually got me a set of earrings but one disappeared.  The other piercings will even up so I can wear two sets of earrings.  Ok, whatever, it makes sense to me.  

Here’s one of things that I learned, and apologize in advance to any menfolk that are reading, keeping to any sort of plan of exercise is really difficult for me at that time of the month.  I am spacey a day or so before and have tummy and back cramps for three or four days after that.  It’s only taken me twenty plus years to figure this out… refer to the spacey comment above.  From here on out I will plan my 21 day challenges around that week.  I will design a lighter plan for that week that will help me stay on track without setting me up to fail.

It’s almost midnight and I still have a million things to do before we leave in the morning.  I’ve made my list and I really hope I can get everything done soon so I can get some sleep.

Day 21

1.  Water –  2 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  **

3.  Writing  –  

4.  Exercises –  Stretching**

5.  Project –  Packing for trip (many, many hours)

**Extremely busy today getting ready for trip.

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